4 Things You Need For A Strong Roofing Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a tool you use to grow your business at a steady rate. It is also an avenue for you to promote what you do, from specific services to sharing more about your team. This encourages brand growth and facilitates ultimate success for your business. Take on these four topics to boost your roofing marketing strategy!

1. Define Your Target Customer

When was the last time you asked yourself, “Who buys my services?” Getting to know your demographic is a great way to start your journey toward knowing your target customer.  Streamlining your marketing can help you decide how to better reach your customer base. Keeping up with the “who” of who you want to target can catch those who are looking for you and reach others. Giving life to this target group helps you understand their characteristics and what drives them to what you are offering. Everyone benefits from this journey!

2. Be Credible

There is nothing better than the feeling of a job well done! Especially after taking much time and effort to meet your high standards. In marketing, you need to be able to show your work through pictures and reviews.

  • Take photos before, during, and after each project so you can share your work. Add this into your contract so customers know upfront this will happen!
  • Ask them also for reviews, whether in writing or if they are willing to be on camera (which is especially great in this digital age!).

Make sure you show yourself in your community, whether it be by volunteering or having a booth for a local event. This is a quick way to help people “put a face to the name.” It is a wonderful tool to bring you to the attention of those will someday be asking themselves, “I need a roofer, who should I call?” I can attest to this. I’ve met people and later (many months actually) called them because I had a great first connection.

It does not matter if the people who see you today do not need what you offer. Making great impressions in the community can last a very long time! Always try to wear your “networking” hat under the hard hat and keep in mind that the person you are speaking with today can be your best promoter tomorrow!

3. Know Your Competition

Every healthy roofing business knows there are other businesses out there who can do the same service. The question is: what sets you apart? Study your competition and find a niche they are not serving.

  • Do you believe you can deliver an even better service to your customers?
  • Is there a material or extra service they are not supplying but you are?
  • Do you go the extra mile in communication and service?
  • Do you assist your customers in what would be best for their home?

Allowing yourself to be open to options and unique turning points helps keep what you do fresh. The way to do this is to know who is doing it alongside you!

4. Develop Awareness

I cannot stress enough the importance of “shouting from the rooftops!” (I do not mean this as a pun because of the audience). You need to make everyone aware of what you do all the time! Make sure your presence in the community is visible through your marketing.

  • Have business cards with you at all times
  • Wear your logo on shirts, jackets, and hats
  • Have vehicles wraps advertising your company
  • Have a Google My Business listing
  • Regularly update your website with new content
  • Be present on social media
  • Have a solid PPC campaign

Digital marketing has an unending supply of ways to make sure you’re seen in our world of screens. Lately, I have not run into anyone who is not looking at a screen most of their day! Make sure they have a way to find you by optimizing your presence there. Keep posts fresh and creative. We live in a world where movement is constant. The need to reach someone with the message you want to send is key to the success of your marketing strategy. After all, you want as many people aware of what you can do for them as possible!

Knowing your customers is important. Credibility is wonderful. Having more than a general idea of your competition keeps you in tune with who you are. Reaching as far as you can with the awareness of your brand will make any strategy effective! If you have more questions about how to enhance your roofing marketing strategy, connect with us today!