blog ideas for resort marketing in the travel industry

Running a resort is a full time job – and then some.  Most resort owners in rural areas are faced with the challenge of having to wear several hats: business manger, HR, maintenance, and marketing manager.  Because of this surplus of responsibility, it can be difficult to take time to strategize new approaches to your online marketing.  

If you are currently striving to run a successful resort, you are most likely familiar with the importance of running a consistent blog on your business website.  To help you brainstorm your next few blogs, we came up with 5 great blog ideas that can be used on tourism websites.

Blog Post 1 – Travel Checklist

BLog - checklistThere is a certain thrill and excitement that comes with traveling to new places.

Seasoned travelers are familiar with the various geographic regions, as well as the best strategy for packing for a trip of any length. But many families and young travelers may be overwhelmed, wondering what they’ll need to survive.

Integrating a series of traveling checklists into your company’s blog is a great way to help your guests – and future guests – to receive helpful pointers and start to view your company as a guide.

This blog type can be utilized in many different ways, always adapting to special circumstances and seasons.  For example:

  • My Minnesota Vacation Checklist – Family Edition
  • My Minnesota Vacation Checklist – Couple’s Edition
  • 10 Essential Items to Pack for Your Winter Vacation
  • How to Pack for a Weekend Stay at Our Resort
  • Don’t Forget to Pack These Items on Your Summer Vacation!

With a little bit of brainstorming and some insight into what traveling groups of all shapes and sizes may need to be comfortable, you can provide a valuable tool that your guests will thank you for.

Blog Post 2 – Stories / Memoirs

story blog ideas for resort marketing Stories help to bring your business’ personality alive to customers. Sharing stories or memoirs from past guests and local legends is a great way to connect your resort guests with a larger community and tradition.  From ghost stories to historical reminiscing, these articles can provide a great read and a great incentive for travelers to visit your resort.

Dig into your favorite memories from past seasons and try to connect each story with an activity that future guests can participate in.

For example, a story about a local fisherman would connect with the fishing gear your resort rents out to visitors.  Or the Big 12-Point Buck of ’09 could connect with the hiking trails (offering a possible glimpse of the forest wildlife).

Have a little fun with this one, and remember to ask for ideas from the local community.  You’ll be surprised with the amount of rich tales that your neighbors are willing to volunteer!

Blog Post 3 – DIY/How-To

Au blog - D.I.Y.The Do-It-Yourself mentality is sweeping the nation as many people search for ways to live a simpler, more organic lifestyle.  We travel to resorts to step back from our busy lives and to spend meaningful time with our families and friends.

DIY blogs can be a great tool for resorts looking to engage a more creative, artistic group of people.  The topics of these blogs might range drastically, but could include topics such as:

  • A DIY Guide to Fishing Lures
  • DIY Travel Wallet
  • DIY Travel Journals
  • 7 Great Outdoor Activities for Kids
  • 5 Delicious Campfire Recipes

And so on.

Think of some of the more common activities that take place at your resort, and find closely-related projects to write about.

4 – Coupons/Deals

Coupon blog ideas for resortsWho doesn’t love a good coupon or discount?  If you have seasonal specials or big events to promote, posting an informational blog will help to draw organic traffic to your site.

The information posted within the blog should include all applicable details, such as pricing, time frame, and exclusions.

The bulk of this information should also be contained within a separate landing page for optimal organic search results.

Note: an integrated coupon promotion should take place across several platforms simultaneously (social media, website homepage, etc.) for optimal results.


5 – Resort/Weather Updates

AU Blog - resort update blog ideasIf you have an active blog, your resort visitors will be apt to revisit your website often to learn more information about their favorite travel destinations.

Periodically, it is a good idea to post “update” articles.  These articles may focus on resort improvements (“Proud to Open Our New Cabin!”), local community news (“Thanksgiving Banquet a Success”) and weather updates (“Winter is Here at Last”).

These updates have a two-fold role: (1) to maintain a reputation as an active, competitive resort, and (2) to help sketch a broader picture of the atmosphere and personality of your business.

Take 5 – and Blog!

Blogging can be an extremely rewarding component of marketing your resort within the travel industry.  Take 5 minutes to jot down your own unique ideas, then blog away!