5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Live

The online world is evolving, and so are the ways you can market your business online. Facebook Live gives you the power to broadcast yourself to your Facebook fans, groups, and more while allowing people to interact with you through the video.

Why Facebook Live?

Facebook does not always play fair, but they reward you for using their tools. When you’re creating engaging video content, Facebook pushes it far and wide while giving your entire page a boost at the same time! Live video has been around for a while now, but it’s certainly still being rewarded by Facebook.

Not only is the video up while you are broadcasting it live, but it stays on your page so people can continue to like and comment even after the video has been showcased. There are many different ways you can work the system and expand your Facebook page with live videos. Knowing the right tools and the kinds of videos your customers would like to see are the keys to mastering Facebook Live. We have a few ideas for you!

1. Give a Tour of Your Business

Potential customers want to see your business and the people who work there. Give your Facebook audience a tour of your business and let them see where you’re working, and who they will be working with if they decide to work with your company.

If you show them you are really no different than they are, they will find it easier to connect with you. This doesn’t mean to try creating something which isn’t real when you are broadcasting. Simply show them who your team really is, and why they can trust you and relate to you.

5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Live

2. Hold a Survey

Get your Facebook group involved in a fun, interactive poll! When people are allowed to speak their minds, they feel as though they are being recognized and appreciated, which they are! Holding a survey on Facebook Live will get your business some attention online, and will get your long-time, and potential customers in on the conversation. Pro tip: Have a friend or a few people in your business vote in the poll to get the ball rolling.

3. Do a Giveaway!

Everybody likes free stuff, and giving away something from your small business will show everybody how confident you are in your product. It’s not at all unusual for non-winners to decide they want to get the product anyway, even if it’s not free. If your product is awesome, you will have added another returning customer after the giveaway, and hopefully more to follow! Note: Facebook does have some pretty specific rules about how you’re allowed to do giveaways—make sure you’re following them!

4. Answer Questions

Customer interaction is the main reason why we use Facebook Live for our businesses. When you understand how your customers think and feel about a subject, you can better connect with them.  You can make their experience with you much more worth their while. This is another good time to have someone from your company (or a friend) ask the first question or two in the comments.

5. Speak on Relevant Topics

Broadcast yourself talking about what’s trending. Local news, events, or subjects which are on everybody’s mind (and are relating to your business) will catch your audience’s attention. More than that, these videos will show them you care about your community and the world around you.

Most products and services exist to solve problems. If you can, create videos which address your customers’ pain points and how what you offer solves those issues.

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