6 Secrets for Marketing Resorts

The travel industry will always exist. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any one destination will remain at the top of the list. The economy, societal trends, and transportation fluctuations all have a big impact on where the people will and will not choose to go for this year’s travel season.  So, the challenge is set out for you.  Here are 6 tourist-attracting secrets that will help you keep your resort booked all season long. 

1. Be bold – Be loud.

There’s a ton of competition out there. Perhaps not in your region, but in the world as a whole. Maybe your resort is undisputed as the #1 resort in the area. However, you are competing against destination locations across the country.

Find your competition and be louder than they are. Use better graphics. Offer a more attractive message. Boldness pays off in the world of marketing your business.

2. Give your visitors a great experience before they arrive

People hate disappointment.  The worst experiences in the world occur when we have great expectations for something, and are subsequently let down.  A savory food commercial that ends up being just an ordinary hamburger. Yuck.

Potential travelers, for some reason, are a little more idealistic. Their imaginations are sparked by a sense of adventure.

Does your website respond to this spark?  Post vibrant photos: cabin interiors, decorated rooms, food, people enjoying themselves, the resort surroundings – anything that will help paint a picture for your online visitor. Make it easy for them to see your rates and to book a stay. (This should go without saying, but make sure the links and pages in your website all promote the user’s experience, as well.)

3. Offer valuable seasonal sales

No one can resist a good sale. If there’s a slow month in your calendar and you’d like to draw in some new faces, offer a valuable seasonal sale.  Feature it prominently on your homepage, post it to social media, and put it in flyers.

Give it a catchy name (Romantic Getaway Package), make it worth their while (book a 3 night stay for two, get a $50 gift certificate for a steak dinner), and watch for the results.

4. Be on Social Media

50 % of brands surveyed agreed that they have generated direct bookings from social media.

Facebook remains the central hub for social media – do you have an active Facebook page? Do you use it and keep it updated? Facebook offers incredible opportunities for advertising and interacting with current and potential customers at an extremely low price.

Find a talented guru to help you build a successful social media strategy from the ground up.  With some nurturing, it can be one of the foundations for your online presence.

5. Respond quickly to your non-fans

Online reviews can make or break a booking at your resort. If a potential visitor is researching your services, and comes across 3 negative reviews – and no positive ones – it’s bad news for you.

For each negative review you get, make sure to publicly respond in the same area – and not with an “I told you so!” Respond with an apology (the customer is always right) and a wish of goodwill. Be sincere. It should be a sample of superior customer service. Remember, you are not posting this for the benefit of an unhappy customer, but for the benefit of potential customers.

On the flip side, encourage guests to leave reviews when they stay at your resort to amp up a more positive presence in these areas.

6. Kill them with kindness

Examine every step of your tourist’s journey, from the first Google search to their check-out stop at your main lodge.  Where can you enhance their experience?

Maybe you leave them with a complimentary chocolate. Maybe you team up with a nearby restaurant to offer a discounted meal.  Maybe you write a better confirmation email when they book a stay.  Whatever it is, killing them with kindness will keep your resort business alive and thriving.

Best of luck to you & your resort marketing!

If you would like more tips & pointers, contact our team at Art Unlimited.