How To Add Energy To Your Ads With Google Local Services

Marketing your business has many facets to keep track of. One big way most businesses market is by purchasing ads. Do you place those ads in only one place, or do you diversify over a few platforms? Placing ads in many locations can help generate more leads. Google Local Services is one place you should have a presence on. Keep reading to learn why they are important.

Game-Changing Leads

Google Local Services isn’t here to replace your current lead generation avenues. It is here to be another way to get those leads. And it is game-changing! While most ads are available for anyone to see, Google Local Services narrows down your audience to those in your specific area. These leads are then much more valuable to your company.

Having Google Local Services also adds value to your company for potential leads. They will know you are local and can have confidence in working with you. With this platform, they can give you a quick call from anywhere with a great user experience through mobile phones. This gives you a head start over your competitors.

Two Makes a Family

Google Ads and Google Local Services are best when used together. They work seamlessly to share your company with those who are within your community. Having both services will give you the maximum coverage for your marketing through paid advertising by capitalizing on the top spots within the Google search bar. Google prefers you to use both, though Google Local Services can be used alone.

Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee badge is required to have for Google Local Services. It is Google’s way of showing consumers you are a trusted company to hire, which they will back up with money should something go wrong for your customers. As long as the service was booked through Google Local Services, there is a guarantee on your work up to $2,000. This badge can proudly be displayed next to your BBB certification and other certifications you have.

Cumbersome Set-Up

Setting up your Google Local Services account can be a cumbersome chore. Working with a Google Premier Partner, such as Art Unlimited, can make the process very simple. There is a four-step process to complete, which you can do yourself or we can help you with.

Here is a checklist of what you’ll need to set this up:

  • Correct certifications
  • Business hours
  • What jobs you perform (ie: roof repair, skylights, residential electrician, wedding planner, house cleaner, etc)
  • # of employees
  • Your business address
  • Locations you serve 
  • Pictures of your business, projects, employees
  • Budget for what you are willing to spend (cost per lead from $35-100)
  • Background check

If we are helping you through this process, don’t be concerned about how to do this! We have a form to walk you through your part of set up. Then we take over the tricky business for you.

Background can take longer if you set it up yourself, but because we cross-reference all the info you provide us, the info is more complete giving you a better chance of launching your Google Local services faster.

Keeping Your Ranking

Now that you have Google Local services, keeping your ranking is an ongoing process. How do you do this? Let me tell you!

  1. Must have reviews – While good reviews are always preferred, if you have NO reviews, you will lose your ranking.
  2. Must always answer the phone – If you don’t answer phone your ads can lose ranking and you could lose certification.

If you have Local services already and are not getting leads, you could be getting outranked by your competitors. To help with this problem we suggest a review push and to start using the Local services platform to get reviews directly from the local ads dashboard. 

Expanding Locations

Google Local Services is continually rolling out new services and locations. New services are being added regularly so if what you provide isn’t yet covered, keep checking back! Google is also working on rolling out these services for Google Local Services nationwide:

  • Appliance Repair
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Electrician
  • Garage Door
  • House Cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Lawn Care
  • Locksmith
  • Moving Company
  • Pest Control
  • Plumber
  • Roofing
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Window Cleaning

Do you need help with setting up or managing your Google Local Services? Talk to your Google Premier Partner, Art Unlimited to learn more about this add-on PPC service. We have the tools and resources in place to give you a foot up in setting up local ads. We are also able to manage and optimize your Google Local Services account. To learn more, contact us today!