adwords to increase mobile collision repair leads

With Google wanting to help its AdWords advertisers win leads, mobile has been the new frontier of income generation. The last time you searched something on your phone, did you notice that ads took up the prime real estate? For the automotive industry alone, 62% of searches are initiated through mobile devices. This means utilizing mobile ad campaigns has never been more vital.
Here are our recommendations to win traffic from those mobile searches for collision repair services.

Claim Your Google Listing

First and foremost your business should have a Google Business Listing with accurate information. Think with Google says, “When people have a negative brand experience on mobile, they are 62% less likely to purchase from that brand in the future than if they have a positive experience.”
Putting your best foot forward starts with your Google My Business listing. If that information has been claimed by your business, it will allow you to appear on Google maps for voice searches, utilize map ad extensions, and show up for local searches. You also will get a double win because you can show up with the organic results as well as the paid when you have claimed your listing. Here’s where you can start claiming your listing with Google.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions make your Google ad longer, especially within the mobile sphere. When you utilize this in your AdWords ads, it can provide your searcher with more information about your company. Having a click to call extension (a way people can call you with one click) can be incredibly helpful for those who have just had an accident and are looking for a quick quote.
A map extension within your ad can also be highly beneficial. It allows mobile users to see the distance of your shop relative to where they are currently located. If you have positive review ratings from your Google Listing, start touting them in your ad extensions! Consumers love hearing the opinion of other consumers before making the move to contact you. Trust in the automotive industry, especially, is a huge decision making factor.

Connect Your Ads to Relevant Landing Pages

Before we start this section, let’s discuss the definition. We describe a landing page as a customized page that draws a user in with a specific purpose to complete one specific action.  When you create your ad text, it should match the landing page focus. There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad for a free collision repair quote that brings you to the home page of a website without a place to find the free quote! Google reported, “89% of U.S. marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps resulted in an increase in revenue.”

Make the page your user is arriving on personalized to them and their needs. Another tip to doing this is making sure that the keywords you are ranking for are correctly utilized. There are many niche groups within the automotive industry, and suggested keyword compliments that are not applicable. Add them to your negative keywords to remove your ads from appearing when someone searches for that keyword. An example of this could be the word “auction”. You want to rank for the word “collision”, but not the word “auction”. Add “auction” to your negative keyword list.

Research Your Target Market’s Language

Know the client persona you are trying to target. Are there certain questions they ask you or specific language they use when communicating with you via email or the phone? Use those keywords in your ad targeting. It is increasingly important to know the conversational requests from your consumers. Conversion requests allow growing  mobile search assistants to find you in digital space.
People can talk to Google, Siri, or Cortana and ask them to find collision repair shops “near me” without having to lift a finger to get the results they want. Keeping your keywords conversational to the market of target consumers is becoming more important than ever before.
Looking for more help to get your AdWords campaign to the next level? Connect with our team here at Art Unlimited. As a Google Premier Partner, we have the opportunity to give our clients an inside advantage to Google’s platforms, and help you grow your business with custom strategies for success.


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