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About Kristi Bolling

Kristi Bolling is a graphic designer for Art Unlimited. She came up from Nebraska to join the design team here, and she enjoys every minute. Her hobbies include drawing and writing.

January 2020

How To Understand Pay Per Click And How It Works

Click. Click. Click. These are leads being generated by ads every day online. Your ad pops up on your website, social media, search results, or wherever you have it posted. You go to sleep at night knowing your ad is out there. Getting clicks. Leading customers to your products. Or is it? […]

December 2019

How To Choose The Best Roofing Business CRM

Managing customer relationships is crucial for your roofing business. By keeping relationships with existing customers, they will spread the word to potential customers. The problem is choosing which customer relationship management (CRM) tool is best suited for your company. […]