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Website forms are an important part of doing business in this digital age. Depending on how large your company is, you could have dozens of forms on your website. It builds trust with your client base – new and existing – if they can fill out your forms and hear back from you promptly. If your forms are not working, however, the trust they gave will dwindle until it is all gone. Let FormTester 365 be your handy sidekick to keep your marketing forms in working order.

What is FormTester 365?

FormTester 365 is a plugin created to help the business owner or marketing team by auto testing all forms on your WordPress website daily. Because our plugin works in conjunction with Gravity Forms, it can find your forms so you can easily add them for daily testing.  Once your forms are tested, the submission is removed from your website record so you won’t have to worry about following up on a bogus lead.

Why You Need FormTester 365

Many elements such as spam filters, email server problems, and people leaving or changing roles in a company can affect how your forms reach you. This will take the guesswork out of form testing. Gone will be the days of hand testing all your forms, and then guessing how long one has not been working should it fail your test. Websites are constantly changing, which can also mess with how plugins interact with each other and your website. This can cause you to lose revenue by missing important form submissions.

The Benefits of Using FormTester 365

You want to know your forms are performing consistently so you receive all the responses. There will be no more hand testing each form, which takes up so much time! Now you can leave the heavy lifting to FormTester 365 to daily test your forms. A weekly report is sent to let you know the forms are still working. And never fear! Should an issue arise, you are notified immediately. Because FormTester 365 is automated, you have less to worry about and can make time for more important business tasks.

How to Get FormTester 365

On our product page, there are detailed instructions to add FormTester 365 to your WordPress site. We know you’ll want to try this plugin before you subscribe, so when you sign up, we offer one month free to try it out. If it isn’t the right fit for your business needs, let the trial period end and no further action is needed on your part. Should you choose to subscribe, we have packages to fit every business. And as long as you are a subscriber, you can know any updates for the plugin will be readily available to you. FormTester 365 will always work with WordPress and Gravity Forms!

We are continuously looking to improve the tools we offer, both to visitors to our website and our clients. Providing FormTester 365 to more people than our clients is the next natural step for this plugin. We enjoy getting feedback on our products to provide continual improvement and welcome feedback.

Where FormTester 365 is Used

FormTester is for use with the Gravity Forms plugin on WordPress. While this may seem quite specific, WordPress and Gravity Forms are the most widely used platforms used by businesses today in form creation and submission. The great news is because our plugin is specific, we have the expertise required in creating such an advanced plugin. As soon as you add it to your website, FormTester 365 gets to work finding all your forms! You then select specific forms you would like tested and FormTester will sync those forms with your FormTester account for daily testing.

At Art Unlimited, when we see a need within our power to fill, we do our best to make it obsolete. As we worked with multiple clients, we saw the trend of how much time was spent tracking down and fixing forms. This was creating a loss not only for our clients but for us. We have been using versions of FormTester 365 for a while now and we feel it’s time to share this important time-saving tool with the world! To hear more about working on your marketing goals and strategy with us, give us a call today!