How to write the best meta descriptions for roofing websites

30 seconds are on the clock. You are finally alone with the person who can send your company numbers soaring. If you don’t start talking now, you may never have this opportunity again. This scenario is a make-or-break opportunity and it’s one that you have hundreds of times per day on the internet. Meta descriptions are your roofing website’s elevator pitch, and if you don’t have something great to say, you are losing many potential customers.

What is a Meta Description?

To start, a meta description is the part of a search result that appears below the link to your page. In this example, the meta description is everything in gray proceeding the date:

Writing Great Meta Descriptions

When writing a meta description for a page on your website, you want to pique the reader’s interest. What makes you different from your competitors? You want to most accurately convey what a reader will encounter when they click on your link. Simultaneously, you want to use words and phrases that make them interested. Perhaps you say something funny. Maybe you offer deals or no-interest financing or some other perk unique to your roofing company. The goal is to stand out in the midst of the search results, and convince them that your website fulfills their search needs better than your competitor’s will.

Technical Rules

A few technical rules apply to meta descriptions that you should be aware of. In December 2017 Google expanded the length of meta descriptions to up to 320 characters. In May 2018, they revoked this expansion and are not giving a clear answer as to how long meta descriptions should be. It is now advised to keep the descriptions somewhere between 120 and 158 characters. Additionally, be sure to write them in complete sentences, with great grammar and punctuation.

Writing great meta descriptions do not increase your google ranking. Instead, it is your one point of interaction with a searcher before they choose whether or not to visit your site. If you can be professional and purposeful, you will have done your job well. Writing meta descriptions is simple, but it is foundational for success in attracting people to your roofing website.

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