Focus on Quality Content!

quality content grade aWords, words, words, The count is on! Does it bring you back to your school days when you were cramming at midnight drinking your favorite caffeinated drink? While some companies create blogs and content just focusing on quantity – like your past due late night school assignments – we strive for the A grade! What makes an A grade in website content, you may ask?

The objectives of quality content for an A grade include:

  1. Aids SEO Strategy
  2. Helps increase ranking of website and keywords
  3. Provides valuable information and answers to potential and current customers
  4. Establishes expertise in the company’s field
  5. Website stays relevant to the clients needs
  6. Provides content for social media and Pay-Per-Click sharing/advertising
  7. Platform for the company to share community interactions
  8. Respond quickly to area events, such as storms/sales/urgent news


Each blog or content piece that is produced through Art Unlimited goes through the following process:

  1. Each topic is selected based on analytics and demographics
  2. Specific keywords are used that match the SEO/Social Media /Lead Generation/Pay-Per-Click strategy
  3. A focus on a key service location and service/product
  4. Has one or more social shareable images that match the blog focus
  5. Includes 300-400 words of quality content for the target audience
  6. Formated and programmed into the website blog feed
  7. Provides internal and external links for each blog
  8. Has a call to action text/button created to drive readers further into the website
  9. Fully SEO optimized/programmed directly into each blog
  10. Has scheduled content for regular exposure to readers
  11. Each blog is shared on social networks
  12. Pay Per Click Campaigns created for special blog topics

Maybe you were just a C student in school and thrived on midnight cramming sessions producing quantity. Or maybe you were one of those students who paid for a geek to write your assignments? Don’t worry. In the business world we are those geeks for hire! Let us create quality content that meets the A grade and brings your website to the front!