Although New Year Resolutions tend to sound a bit cliche, the beginning of the year really is a good time to buckle down and spend some time focusing on your business. One  of the first steps is to analyze your roofing marketing strategy…and create a winning plan for the entire year.

Here’s a basic, proven methodology that will help you make 2015 your best year yet:

1. Establish Your Business Goals

Surprisingly, many contractors do not create goals for their business. If you want to grow – or even maintain – your business, it is much more likely to happen if you clarify what you want to achieve.

We recommend creating a year-long plan. You can list any number of goals, but if you have trouble sticking to goals in the past (or if this is your first time), start with 3-5 goals. Although it can be inspiring to establish lofty goals, (and we are big fans of businesses that dream big!) make sure that you also have goals that are realistic, can be easily tracked and are achievable.

When thinking about your business goals, go beyond revenue. Think about the steps that lead up to profit or revenue, such as lead generation and customer acquisition. What are some goals that you can establish that can increase these funnels?

For example: Your goal is to increase the number of customers you acquire through your website. Before you can have more customers, the amount of leads obtained through your website must be increased. For more leads, you need increased website traffic. When you find the “first step” in the process, establish a goal: to increase website traffic, or increase traffic to the website from certain channels, such as social media or organic search.


Actions-office-chart-line-icon2. Measure Your Progress

“What gets measured gets managed.” The old adage is extremely true, especially when it comes to your roofing marketing strategy. You are more likely to stay on track to goal-achieving if you are able to track your progress.

Establish small benchmarks to measure progress along the way to your goal. Use the example of the contractor who wanted to increase residential roofing leads by 25% in the course of a year. With 1000 leads from the previous year, he needed at least 1250 leads this year to reach his goal. (You can also track monthly – in the example, that translates to about 105 leads/month to reach the yearly goal).

3. Strategize Your Roofing Marketing Tactics

This is your chance to get creative – don’t be afraid to try new things! The great thing about online marketing is that, in general, costs and risk are low. Write down a list of action items and map them to the goals you established. Do you wonder whether Google pay-per-click might work for your business, but are not sure? Try it out for a couple weeks and see how it goes. Although you won’t see massive progress right away, it might give you a sense of if its right for your business. If you wonder whether more leads might be obtained by targeting a new service location, create a new landing page and add some content to your website. These tactics are flexible if you decide to switch gears or change your mind down the road.

Not sure where to start? Take a look back at 2014 – find where your time and resources were focused, what worked and what didn’t. In fact, we designed a template to help you do just that.

Use our free Roofing Contractor Marketing Budget Worksheet to help design a winning 2015 marketing strategy for your roofing business.