Your marketing efforts go hand-in-hand with business growth. But too often, companies relinquish control of their business health by investing in the appealing “pay only for leads” claim.

We believe you should have control of your marketing budget spend – and be able to track consistent growth and health of your online marketing.

With Art Unlimited “Pay Only for Leads” Marketing Fixed Cost
You determine your marketing budget Pay for new leads Many companies set up an annual marketing budget, designed to take their company through the fiscal year.
Track Online Growth & Enhancement Receive Exclusive Leads If you are cross-marketing across print, radio, you are likely paying twice for your leads. No software can track the full journey of your client. Many companies end up paying for their leads twice – example: someone watches your tv ad and looks you up online, submits a form on your website. This shows up as a new lead that discovered you through organic search…you are charged for this lead by your marketing company.
Affordable, Consistent Costs Fluctuating costs Storms can cause a huge influx of leads for your roofing company. Tracked as “new online exclusive leads” you would have received them anyway. Don’t pay for the inevitable. Pay for quality services that track results and ongoing metrics. Storms have hit your area, and you receive an influx of leads. Your marketing budget is spent prematurely and you are now faced with the challenge of ongoing online marketing with an extra budget….or cancelling service, giving your competitors a chance to overtake you.
No contract No contract If the results are not what you anticipated, you have the freedom to walk away. But our goal is to make you succeed. We prove that with results.
You Own Your Marketing ? Art Unlimited manages and enhances your website and online marketing – but you own everything. If you decide to leave, you walk away with a fully enhanced, optimized website with a strong presence & all the tools designed to bring in & monitor your leads.

Monthly services are the most beneficial and affordable in the long run. Develop a relationship with your marketing team.

We have your back.

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