Hi – Anna with Art Unlimited. Today we’re going to talk about generating quality content & what that means for you as a business owner.

Why Do I Need Fresh Content?

Google loves fresh content because they always want to see that you are aware of what is happening in your industry. There are many different forms of content that you can create.  Today, however, I want to focus on using images within content.

Pick a Good Topic

It’s really important to start out with a solid topic.  For a roofing contractor’s blog, a great topic would be: Our Property Protection Process. This blog would detail the process that your roofers typically go through when working on a client’s property. In this blog, you can use those images – detailed shots, landscape photos, and snapshots of your roofers in action.

Relevant Content = Popular Content

Your customers and prospective customers are probably going to come back to this blog because it has relevant, consumable content. The images help them to visualize the experience they will have if they choose your company to work on their roof.  So – check. That’s a great content piece.

Turn Narrow Topics into Valuable Content

When brainstorming for more topics, you might come across a frequently asked question such as: “What is a boot?” You get that question all the time and your sales people have to answer it. And the customers just dont get it.

I have to be honest, this is probably not a hot topic. Just like downspouts and fastener options, it is terminology from the roofing industry that is incredibly important to you – but does not really connect with your customer.

So instead, merge all those smaller “roofing component” topics into one great blog opportunity: Roofing Anatomy 101.

In a more comprehensive blog you can highlight boots and flashing and ridgecap shingles – along with images of each item discussed.

Increase Your Blogging Reach

Those are simple content options that you can consider within your online marketing strategy. Take time to brainstorm – and write away!

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