Google Scam Email

An email subject line that lets you know you won a free cruise, a new boat, and an all-time low interest rate on a home loan are filed directly into the trash or spam folder. We have all seen the super spammy e-mail with misspellings and incomplete sentences.

But every once in awhile, a sneaky phishing email can slip through your spam radar and ruin your day (and you contacts).

Google Spam Email

Spam Email from Google

Yep, you opened it. What now?

What to do After Opening a Spam Email:

1. Remain calm

Please stay seated with your seatbelt fastened, the next few hours might be a little bumpy. You may phone a friend for emotional support.

2. Change Passwords

Today just happens to be National Password Day, ironic, huh? You should change your email password, and any other passwords that hold important information, especially if they are connected to the email account you have been spammed on.

3. Malware Scan

The scary thing about malicious malware is that once it infiltrates your computer, you might not know where it is hiding or what information it is trying to take. You should immediately run a malware scan on your computer. If you find malicious malware on your computer, have your firewall program remove all of it.

If you are a business and find malicious malware on your system, contact Google Support Here.

4. Mass Email

Immediately send out a mass email to all your contacts informing them NOT to open any emails from you today. Put an urgent, ASAP, read now, tag on it with a subject that will hopefully catch your contacts’ eyes BEFORE they open the previous spam email from your account.

Mass emails can be tricky if you have a Google account. Some Gmail settings only allow you to send a certain number of mass emails in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, the spam email you opened may have already used your limit of mass emails for the day, making it difficult to notify all your contacts your account spammed.

  • Tip: Do you work at a business? If your mass email limit has been reached, you can send an email from a coworker’s account that has similar contacts to you (only after it has been deemed free of malware).

5. Get the Word Out

Your Mom/Grandmother has definitely already opened the spam email from you. Please call her, let her know you are safe, and walk her through steps 1-5 listed above.

But seriously, in today’s digitally connected world you can easily let your friends and followers know about this situation on social media. Text, tweet, & post to give folks a heads up and let them know what to do if they already opened the spam email (also steps 1-5). 

6. Breathe

After you have informed all the proper people and made sure your computer system is free of malware, take a deep breath. Sometimes spam can get the best of us, but remember, the sun will still rise tomorrow morning!

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