Why Hiring an Agency Shouldn't Be a Frantic Leap of Faith

Many businesses today can feel themselves riding a swelling wave of new business. You can feel it build underneath you. Your efforts are starting to gain sizable traction through word of mouth and even online! But now the workload of actually doing business is getting to the point where you don’t have the time to do any more marketing yourself. What’s going to happen? Will the wave finally crests into becoming a household name, or will you always be fighting to stay afloat on a consistent swell?

When business is booming, it can be a hard choice to pay someone to come alongside your efforts. Choosing to work with an agency shouldn’t be a leap of faith. Here’s why:

  1. Time
  2. Consistency
  3. Experience
  4. Analysis
  5. Proven ROI



One thing to clarify at the start this explanation is that not all marketing agencies are created equal. The agencies we reference here have a proven track record with a deep list of raving clients. If those aren’t the agencies you’ve been looking at, we recommend you read on and know what one looks like.

1. You Save Time In Research

The fast pace of digital trends can be incredibly difficult to keep up with. There are countless search engine changes, paid ad changes, and updates for every platform imaginable. Google’s search algorithm alone has over 200 specific signals to interpret a user’s intent (and these are getting tweaked and updated regularly)!

Being able to set aside the time to fully understand each new change and how to adapt your digital marketing efforts is more than a full time job for even just one person. When you work with an agency, you can invest more time in your business, while getting the recommendations, research, and insight you need to keep your business growing.

2. Your Marketing Efforts Get Attention Consistently

Every business has a busy season. When you’re working with your customers, you don’t have time to go out and find new customers. Google’s Think Insights Team recently posted, “Thanks to mobile, consumers expect brands to be there anytime, anywhere with helpful information and real-time relevance.”

If your business has seasonality, you are especially prone to missing connections with people who are looking for services that you offer because all your current customers need you right then as well. Working with an agency allows you to know that even when your schedule fills up, your new business opportunities aren’t being put on the back burner.

3. Solid Recommendations from Tested Experience

When you work with an agency, they have multiple accounts that face similar problems to yours. This allows them to do additional research and cross comparison testing to see what are best practices. A/B testing with an agency allows you to measure a gallon in an ocean of consumer behaviors.  

Agency recommendations are made to clients after they have been able to see the performance benefits across different accounts in similar situations, markets, and industries. Agencies are passionate about research and development because it’s how they keep their customers advancing.

4. Analysis of Your Whole Business

A holistic marketing approach starts with business goals that translate into a consistent marketing strategy across all platforms. Search Engine Watch discussed the importance of consistent representation in an article they recently published stating, “Customers who arrive at your brand through cross-channel research also carry a 30% higher lifetime value.”

Understanding how each piece impacts the others is part of spending your money wisely. When you work with a marketing agency, they will be able to help dissect the performance of your overall marketing presence and make recommendations that will work in tandem with your business goals.

5. Long Term Return on Investment

When you utilize an agency’s ability to track specific on-site and off-site conversions, you’ll be able to properly track your lead channels and increase your overall growth. Any reputable agency will invest in your long term growth as a business to achieve healthy, realistic goals year over year.

Bringing together these five points allows you to move into the future with confidence. Enlisting the help of an agency can bring you over the crest of greatness to experience a truly thriving business.

If you have more questions regarding what it takes to be a worthwhile marketing agency, please feel free to contact us further!