How to Be Ready to Land The Big Roofing Contract

You’ve been trying your hardest to land that perfect, giant roofing job client, the one that can make your business double almost overnight. But if you actually win that contract, would you be ready to support it? Here’s some sound advice we’ve gathered by working in the roofing industry for years.

Continuous Personnel Training

Many times, roofers can become so focused on pursuing outward growth, that it can be hard to maintain internal support for these new sales. Always be looking internally for your company’s next leaders. Training them now for the road ahead will save you from countless stressful moments in the future.

Things to look for in your staff members:

  • Get It. Does he or she get what the company is after? Is this person understanding and personifying the company’s goals and working towards the future vision? Does this person fully understand their current job role and how to execute it?
  • Want It. Does this person want to be doing what he or she was hired to do? Is it something that naturally falls into the strengths that he or she can enjoyably cultivate with a positive attitude?
  • Capacity to Do It. Does this person have the capacity to accomplish what you have requested of them in their current job role, or is he or she struggling to meet the day to day requirements? (Tip! Make sure to analyze this one further in terms of actual mental ability to accomplish their job role.This shouldn’t be analyzed in terms of hours worked. Many times employees are given multiple tasks outside their job role that limit their ability to perform their true job function to their fullest extent. If this is an issue, you should be reviewing what tasks should be allocated to team members that fill those other job roles.)

Once you’ve found those leaders in your organization, work on developing their talents. Giving them small projects today, with adequate training, will help them have your back in supporting a big client tomorrow.

How Are Your Hiring Prospects?

Planning your company’s future means you also need to be aware of your current employee’s needs. If your staff is already starting to feel like they are drowning, you might be running four months late on a new hire. Planning to add an employee when the workload has reached unbearable stress doesn’t allow very much time for training.

This can result in your new employee not understanding their role effectively or being poorly equipped to face the work ahead. Low morale for new hires can become a perpetual issue if not properly addressed.

Review your hiring practices and current talent pool to make sure your company will be ready to take on your next big client without becoming overloaded.

Big Accounts Hate Micromanagement

The more your big client throws at you, the more you’ll want to become their personal expert. However, you cannot maintain your other clients effectively or show your team you trust them when everything must touch your hands. Imagine what would happen if your big client disappeared, you’d be left with neglected loyal clients and a staff with no forward motion.

If you have been training staff on a regular basis to take on new responsibilities, you shouldn’t have to keep this client all to yourself. Let go, delegate, and keep developing good relationships with all your clients. Strategic delegation can be one of the most efficient ways to improve your business’s productivity without increasing expense. Spending your time with clients should be like your stock portfolio, diversification creates less risk for your business’ profitability.

Treat The Big Client Like Icing On Your Cake

This is absolutely vital when working with large clients. The phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” comes to mind. Your financial future planning should never be dependant on the ability to keep your big client long term. Overspending for the future without maintaining the now can be dangerous. Always have a worse case scenario plan. What if your biggest client were to drop you in the middle of a project? Would you be able to financially keep all your employees? Set aside some funds for cushion in regrowing your business if you were to lose that client.

Don’t ever stop advertising and seeking new business. You should always be making connections to further future business. Even if your current team does not have the capacity to do additional work right now, your brand awareness should always be a priority. Your advertising doesn’t always have to be a hard sell during this time, but your roofing business should remain top of mind to people when they think to call a roofing company. This in-between time can be a great opportunity to showcase your involvement and commitment to your community as part of your brand recognition advertising.

Cultivate relationships. Regardless of whether or not your team can service additional needs for other clients, still maintaining good communication in those relationships can lead to more business down the road when your team is bigger or when you release your big client.

Have Good Internal Communication & Rewards

There are days when your big client is going to be a bear. They will have special requests and ASAP projects that your team will occasionally have to scramble to put into place. When these things happen, it’s important for your team to be able to communicate well internally about the magnitude of the need and receive the support they need from other team members to accomplish their task in a timely manner. Make sure your team is aware when certain projects take priority.

Reward the employees who do a great job at stepping in to help on an urgent need, while still not allowing their day to day jobs to suffer. A team that helps first, is one that is invaluable to have great customer service and a positive company culture.

Now that you’re more prepared to take on your next big fish, you might not be able to find the time to maintain your digital marketing presence all by yourself. If you need assistance, connect with Art Unlimited to find out how we can come alongside your roofing team and drive sales efforts.

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