Behind The Scenes Of Local Ads And Their Value

Please allow me to increase your knowledge of how Google Local Ads can assist your business. Finding ways to boost your business with new insights will maximize your advertising dollars! Local Ads tend to be less expensive than other ads which allows you to save your marketing spend even as you increase your brand awareness.

Local Ads & Google Certified Business

Right now, Local Ads are currently limited to certain industries and limited partners. For example, some industries are home improvement professionals, plumbers, roofers, and HVAC. The good news is this limitation reinforces how special and unique these ads are, which give them extra value.

To receive Local Ads, you must be Google Certified. To become Google Certified, you must pass certain checks put in place by Google before they will back your business. Steps include:

  • Completing a background check conducted by local partners; there is no fee for this. 
  • Providing valid liability insurance along with having the correct licenses for doing your line of work. 

Once the information has been received, Google will then make a decision on whether you can become Google Certified. This means Google backs your business with a money-back guarantee on your service and on the leads produced from your ads. Another added benefit is how Google allows you to dispute charges for leads you may think are spam, poor matches, or fraudulent. This is a great bonus of protection for your business.


With all this said, local ads can be a benefit to your marketing strategy helping to keep the focus on those potential customers near you. This can be completed by geo-marketing and the location intelligence our devices operate on in this fast-paced world of technology. A well-rounded marketing mix should include price, promotion, product, and place. The ‘place’ is assisted by geo-marketing. As our world continues to strive for on the go and quick response, having a local ad in place for a business is becoming more crucial to help administer to the needs of the public when they are searching for a specific service.

When using local search ads, you only have three things to ensure:

  • business location and hours
  • responsiveness to customer inquiries
  • reviews have quality and quantity

This helps keep the focus on what is more important: Adding to the value over and over.

Where to Find Local Ads

As a person is searching for information, Local Ads appear at the top of the page. This point alone should make anyone feel special, including your business! Google has a wonderful way of pulling in the potential of a browser. When a business offers a service, it is very helpful for them to appear as important. The top of the page is as high up as you can get in the Google world; we call this top-page ranking. Digital is key to reaching a broad audience, making this ranking even more important.

Behind The Scenes Of Local Ads And Their Value

Google takes the reviews you receive from both your GMB listing and your Local Services ads to generate the ranking for your Local Ads. This helps boost both platforms, even though reviews from your Local ads will not show on your GMB listing.

As I have been watching our clients making the jump into Google Local Ads, I have loved seeing the benefits they gain from the experience. I can say this holds value for them – and it can for you also! The ads help people in your local area find you. Because of this, people who are NOT local will not see your ads – helping you be wise with your marketing spend.

Turning Leads into Customers

Please remember Google is always watching. It is very important to respond to incoming messages. This helps to ensure your ranking stays on track. Potential customers will contact you by calling, or they may also send a message, which triggers a notification to get sent to you. The lead is now yours to turn into a customer. Behind the scenes ease and potential for greatness.

And after all the question still remains, are local ads worth it? The answer is a resounding absolutely! There are no obligations to participate. There is no cost to sign up. After completing the necessary requirements, one can stand back and determine if it is a good fit for your business. You can pause ads to stop paying the ongoing costs. Consider this a done deal as long as your field allows these ads!

If you have questions about how to add Local Ads to your marketing strategy, or would like to learn more about how we can do this for you, connect with Art Unlimited today! We look forward to hearing from you.