marketing tips for businesses in any industry

Marketing your business can be a challenge, especially when much of the information available to help is designated for niche markets – or large-scale companies.  Regardless of where you do your research, there are a few tips to be gleaned that are applicable for businesses in any industry.

1 – Know Your Niche

Becoming familiar with who you are marketing to will save you a ton of hassle in terms of products, services, and strategies. It will also help greatly when you are looking for resources and future ideas.

2 – Set Attainable Goals

Businesses without goals are doomed to failure. However, any goals you set should be attainable and based on your company’s proved track record and accounting records. Keep all goals reasonable so that your marketing efforts can be planned accordingly.

3 – Know Where Your Online Presence Can Grow

No one – no one – is 100% present in all online platforms.  Not even Google.

Based on your knowledge of the niche that you market to and the trending platforms of today, pinpoint the next few places that you would like your online presence to grow to. This can be certain social media platforms or take the form of developing a better blog – or simply to reach out for client testimonials.

4 – Set a Budget

If you want your business to grow 15% this year, but are sticking with the same marketing budget you’ve had for the past 5 years, you are cutting yourself short. Sustainable growth requires reasonable investment back into your company.

5 – Allocate Your Budget

Once you have the right budget set for the year, it’s time to allocate it.  “Marketing Budget” can be sub-divided into Paid Advertising (via Adwords or Facebook, for example), blog articles, website optimization, ongoing web security, etc.

Consult with your marketing specialist if you are unsure how to properly allocate your marketing budget.

6 – Keep Accurate Records

How can you tell whether your marketing efforts are paying off if you aren’t keeping accurate records?  Many of the software and programs that are used in online marketing offer great features that track month over month and year over year records to help you determine which strategies are promoting growth and which should be altered to better fit your business.

7 – Be Bold and Reach Out to Other Businesses

Whether you are looking for SEO value or street cred, nothing stands out like B2B references.  Reach out to businesses in your community or online niche and seek out ways to team up and form a stronger face.  Be strategic and pick the top 2-3 that you would like to work with per quarter or half year, since it can be a somewhat lengthy process.

8 – Don’t Be Afraid to Depend on Professional Insight

For some reason, many entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to shy away from seeking professional help.  Sometimes the cost may be daunting, other times it may stem from a desire to “do it myself.”

When it comes to marketing and sales, it is probably worth the investment to team up with a marketing consultant – or full agency – to get the most for your marketing budget.  Take time to research and invest in a trustworthy company that is willing to work with you short or long term, and one with a proven track record of success in your industry.

9 – Know Your Brand

Marketing a business is a thousand times easier when you have a brand.  This brand must be intentional, detailed, and carry through in every aspect of your business presence, from office space to website imagery. If you don’t have a brand yet, sit down with your team and develop one that aligns with your company’s mission statement.  Then revisit every aspect of your company’s presence to ensure it all aligns properly.

10 – Be Personable

Even if your brand is the epitome of professional, your marketing will greatly benefit from being seen as a hub for personable, genuine information within your niche.  Being personable helps your target client to connect more closely with your company. In turn, these loyal customers play a huge component in developing a self-sustaining form of business growth that requires nothing more from your business than great customer service and a quality product.

After all, isn’t that the ideal?

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