Art Unlimited began as a print advertising company. As the internet became the world’s primary business tool we began to turn our focus to the Internet- including social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, website development and mobile technology. In order to stay competitive, we have had to evolve and adapt to meet today’s businesses’ changing needs, market trends and the ever-changing technological environment.

Looking Back On 2015

2015 was a big year for Art Unlimited and the online marketing community where we saw many significant changes within the digital marketing landscape.

Here are our picks for the top 3 milestones from 2015:

  • Server Viruses – Small business websites were under attack by hackers from across the globe. Art Unlimited poured countless hours into increased protection. Our Malware / Firewall protection plan was born to ensure our clients are vulnerable no more!
  • Map Pack Changes – Google changed the local business map pack from 7 businesses to 3 businesses. This eliminated competition, forced businesses to have well-optimized listings, and to go after strong reviews through their Google+ account.
  • Researching – We saw an increase in customers researching online; when they are ready to convert, they want a fast and pain-free experience!

Moving Forward Into 2016

As we look toward 2016, here are some of the top marketing changes that are becoming necessary additions to all marketing strategies:

  • VideosUse videos to promote your business and services. With video consumption on the rise, it’s imperative that you begin to engage your audience through this media. Trust me: your competition will be doing it, if they haven’t already started!
  • Paid Marketing – Google is changing their first-page layout and it’s becoming harder and harder to have an organic first-page listing. We are seeing Google begin to remove organic website listings and replace them with paid ads. This is going to require businesses to have a strong paid marketing campaign in place to be able to appear on Page 1.
  • Education – In 2015, we saw more engagement with blogs and resources than ever before. As customers desire to remain in control of their decision-making process, we feel that providing quality resources becomes imperative for businesses.
  • Organic SEO – I strongly feel that organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will still be the cornerstone for all digital marketing strategies. Organic marketing strategies should include a variety of online sources rather than just one website. You should be considering incoming links, social media, on-site optimization, content generation, conversion opportunities through Inbound marketing, and so much more. The world of traditional organic SEO can influence and utilize all types of digital marketing.

These are some of the highlights we will be working on for our businesses this year. As trends shift, we will continue to stay updated – to help your business remain on the cutting edge!

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