Thinking you can just keep working the same old marketing plan might land your business in trouble. Here are 7 reasons the online marketing strategies of today differ from the older ideas.

1. What Worked Yesterday Is Obsolete Today

Online marketing practices change just as rapidly as technology. The simple SEO strategy of keyword-infusion that worked like a charm two years ago will no longer work. Google’s algorithm updates have made old SEO practices obsolete and, in some cases, harmful to your web presence. Adapting with the changes in online practices is critical.

2. SEO Is Not Enough

Keywords are not magical, and SEO is not a stand-alone gig.  There is a synergy created when real, quality content and depth are added to online marketing (For example, blogging and social media activities). Each element enhances and promotes the other, creating a marketing cycle that continues to build and grow. This powerful marketing combination not only improves search results, but also increases brand recognition and customer loyalty.

3. Driving Online Sales Must Be Constant

Driving sales does not mean being pushy. It does mean that it needs to be consistent. The bottom line for every business is to maintain a source of revenue. Continuously nurturing your visitors and directing them to different products or services will help maintain your revenue flow.

4. Blogging Is Necessary

It has been proven that blogs increase consumer’s purchasing decisions.  Blogs are now the third most influential digital resource when making overall purchases, behind retail sites and brand sites. Blogs can be found by visitore through social media promotion or SEO optimization, which allows them to be found in organic searches. Blogs can offer information and website links to your potential clients.

5. There is a lot to Like about Social Media

Social Media is your friend. Social Media is the fastest growing marketing medium and a brand awareness goldmine. This is a channel where you can  push your blogs and advertise your website. A simple holiday greeting with your company’s logo is a brand awareness advertisement. It doesn’t get much easier, but it does need consistent management.

6. PPC and Inbound Marketing Should Enhance Your Strategy

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing and Inbound Marketing are excellent additions to your overall marketing package. When combined with SEO, Blogging and Social Media, these two online promotional powerhouses will increase visits and leads, while providing potential customers with useful information.

7. Regular Check-Ups Are Necessary

As stated earlier, the world of online is constantly changing and evolving. The moment you fall behind is when you become vulnerable to problems such as malware, viruses, and outdated software and themes. Regular website maintenance and enhancement will keep you up to date and running without a glitch.

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