Are you out of fun photos to use with your social media or blogging campaigns?  Our team works extremely hard but we do enjoy having some hearty laughs and general good humored jokes.

Here are a few laughs to lighten your mood!

1. Google Before You Tweet….



2. In Case of Fire….



3. Chips Ahoy!


Tweet This Joke!

4. The Marketing Couple….


Tweet This Joke!


5. The Best Place…





6. An SEO Expert…




7. Social Media Explained




8. Your Buyer’s Persona…




Green Luck Isn’t Going to make a Buck!

In case you are struggling to find the pot of gold to help with your marketing we wanted to share 3 of our best marketing golden nuggets:

1- SEO

To drive more traffic to your website make sure to include your geographic location within your copy 3-4 times.  You don’t need countless hits from across the globe if your business provides services to a specific region.  So narrow your focus a bit and begin capturing your local searchers queries!

2- Social Media

Focus less on the number of followers, and more on the engagement your page and posts receive.  Ten good followers who buy your products are worth more than 500 who couldn’t care less!

3 – Blogging

Add a picture to the top of your blog posts.  A blog post with an image near the top is far more likely to be read than one that is all text. If you have time, add more images!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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