You have to have a website to run a business. That is what you were told. More and more potential customers, of every age and economic position, are using the web to find the services they need. In order to be competitive, just about every service should be available by the internet.

SEO Tips

“But, I have a website. I just don’t have any traffic,” you say. Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come” does not apply to websites. Just having a site will not help potential customers find you. It is, however, a good start. There are a few basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements that you must have to give Google, Bing & Yahoo a hand in making you available to potential customers. Here is the first tip in casting your net.

In this example of SEO, let’s assume you own a small coffee shop.

Everyone has a different way to search out products and services on the web. Understanding that every potential customer searches differently is important.

Some use simple keywords like, “Coffee Shop.”

Some speak to their search engine as a person. For example, he or she might type or say, “Where can I find the best coffee shop?” This is referred to as a “long-tail keyword.” All searchers need to be considered.

Now Google doesn’t actually know that you offer good coffee. If it did, that would be scary. It has no senses. It can’t taste anything. It can, however, read. In order for Google to find your site for the person searching, you have to have the words in your content within your site. Google must READ that you are the best coffee shop. Here is one way to do that…

Wondering where you can find a great cup of coffee?  Come to Joe’s Coffee House.

Voted the best coffee shop in town by the Small Town Gazette. Find us on Jackson Street in downtown Anytown.

Eight keyword elements that your potential customer searched for can be found in this small snip of text. If this content is on a page in your website, you are one step closer to this person finding you.

In the next few blogs, I will be discussing ways to help your customers find you on the web. We will look at:

  • Keywords & Location Optimization
  • Meta Tags & H-Tags
  • Keeping it “Real”…and Upright

SEO is ever changing and vitally important if you want your customers to find you. it is a significant piece in your marketing strategy. Let’s explore some of the tricks of the trade together. See you next time.