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This blog post is the eighth in a series of blogs for those who would like to know more about what is going on behind the scenes and try some basic HTML coding for themselves. Once you learn the basics of coding, you will find that it opens up many possible options for your content formatting.

HTML Coding Series:

If you have not read the first post in this topic, you can find it here: Basic HTML Coding Options for WordPress

We highly recommend that you start with the first post in the series if you are new to HTML coding.

In this post we look at how to add bulleted and numbered lists using HTML code. There are two parts to creating a list. First you have to create the list itself. Then you have to indicate the individual list items.

First lets look at how to declare the list. For the purposes of HTML, a bulleted list is considered an “unordered list”. A numbered list would be an “ordered list”. So, depending on the type of list you want to use, it would be surrounded by either a <ul></ul> tag (unordered list), or a <ol></ol> tag (ordered list).

Next we will need to declare the “list items”. You will need to place each item in a <li></li> tag. The <li> tags are nested within the <ul> or <ol> tags.

Here is an example of each type of list:

Bullet List

<li>list item</li>
<li>list item</li>
<li>list item</li>

Number List

<li>list item 1</li>
<li>list item 2</li>
<li>list item 3</li>

You can add as many list items as you like.

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