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There are six essential questions to ask when it comes to blogging.  Once you have the answers to these questions, the blogging world opens up to your creativity. Ask yourself the following six questions and jot down the answers.  This is brainstorming and will get you started on your first blog.

Who Is My Audience?

Who are your blogging to?  Who is your customer?  Knowing this sets the tone of your message and the information you will blog about. The age, gender, and occupation of your customers can dramatically change the voice you use when writing your blog. Know your customer and write to them the way you would speak to them.

What Should I Blog About?

Now that you have identified your customer … what do they want? What questions do they need answered?  What kind of information catches their attention and holds it? Use humor or use technical jargon, depending on which speaks best to your customer.

When Should I Blog?

Timing is everything. Would you read a piece on snow removal in August? How about a piece on removing leaves from your gutters in winter?  When you release information is just as important as the content of that information.

Where Should I be Visible?

Make sure your blog is easily accessible from your site’s homepage, as well as from other pages. Post on social media and send emails when a new blog is released. Ask friends and fellow bloggers to share your information. Consider using a blog directory.  There are many places to get your blog listed.

Why Should I Blog?

Blogs create traffic to your website.  Blogs provide information to your customers. Adding new blogs increases your content and keeps it fresh.  Blogs are amazing ways to link to your site and perpetuate the buying journey. Blogging is an inexpensive (or free) marketing tool that, with a little nurturing, can lead a potential customer to a buying customer.

How Do I Get Started?

Just get started. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Get in their heads and root around a bit.  If you were going to buy your product or service, what would you want to know? What kind of interests do you have that could be captured in a blog?

The more you blog, the better you get. But … you can’t get better if you never start. Ease into it with one to two blogs a month.  When you get the hang of it, increase your output. You don’t always have to produce a ton of blogs, but never fall below the one or two mark.

If you get stuck or are feeling blocked, there is a great resource. You know that search engine tool that we so desperately seek to please? Well, it can be your greatest asset when looking for ideas, or when you have reached a creativity block. As we say now to our children’s difficult questions, “Just Google it”.

Blogging should be a fun communication tool between you and your potential customers. Get started, keep going, and keep getting better.