Ok, so blogging is all the rage these days.  Everyone’s doing it, which prompts many business owners wonder: does blogging really help? Our answer: Only if you are looking for marketing strategies that will increase your business.

What Are Your Marketing Strategy Resolutions?

What resolutions do you see your business sticking to in 2015? (A better term for resolutions in the business world is: marketing strategy.)
Is there one simple but impactful thing you can do this year to increase your website traffic, broaden your social media plan, and improve your site’s search engine optimization? In one word, the component that can take your online presence to a new level is: BLOGGING.

How Blogging Enhances Your Online Presence

Blogging increases your brand’s exposure, increases links to your website, and offers your customers desired information. When you blog, you remind search engines that you are viable and interested in providing content to your site visitors. Providing a continuous stream of valuable, relevant content to your audience opens additional avenues into your site and more opportunities to be found by those seeking knowledge.

Why Companies Don’t Blog

no_writeThere are businesses that put off blogging or don’t know where or how to start. Unfortunately, this apprehension could be costing them potential leads and sales. Interested customers look at blogs and reviews as decision-making tools.

A business that fails to supply information to that network of consumers will not get the traffic or the sale. It is really that simple. Although lack of time and resources is usually the excuse of those who don’t blog, (or blog infrequently), lack of web presence is usually the result.

For those companies who have implemented a solid blogging strategy, site traffic increase can be seen through marketing channels almost immediately. It is not just a blog that is born from a publication.  It is a Tweet, a Like, a Link, a Plus, and potentially a click through.

Tips to Starting a Blogging Strategy:

  • Write about what you know:
    You are the “expert” when it comes to your product, so write about it! Blogging is a simple solution to a demand for increased content. If the subject matter of the blog is relevant to the business, it is worthy of blogging about.
  • Write to someone:
    Who is your typical buyer persona? A middle-aged couple needing help with home improvement? A retired couple who need a new roof for their reitrement home?  Keep this person in mind when writing. (After all, they’ll be the ones reading it!)
  • Be consistent:
    Don’t publish 20 blogs at once, only to be burned out and never post again. Rather, shoot for a minimum of 2 blogs/month, and build from there if you are able.
  • Be prolific:
    A single blog is better than none at all, but a blog that goes stagnant does not help your business. A continuous, scheduled flow of fresh blogs is best. If your company cannot implement an internal blogging schedule, hire it out. Corporate Blogging is available and can be implemented into your marketing budget. Talk to a qualified marketing company (Art Unlimited, perhaps?) to discuss the ROI required for hiring out blogging services.


So, do you really have to add blogging to your 2015 marketing strategy? Yes, you really do.
For more help on whether your marketing efforts are paying off, download our free Marketing Budget Spreadsheet – designed with roofing contractors in mind, although it can work for almost any business

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