This year’s Raise the Roof marketing conference was a smashing success. Here’s a quick look at some of the topics we covered – and some of the solutions we found.

Igniting Your Business

It takes only one spark to ignite a wildfire.

Anna Anderson guided our annual marketing conference, emphasizing the importance of raising the standards of business.  The tools available for this endeavor are readily accessible to all entrepreneurs and business owners.

Roofers hard at work

We had a great turnout for conference attendees.

Since almost all modern businesses depend on technology and website health for growth, online security is a major concern.  Mike Laulunen walked through some of the major concerns and security hacks that have taken place this past year, emphasizing some of the practical steps that can be taken to keep your company and personal information secure.

Learning the “Bidding Game”

Knowledge is power.  Many companies invest heavily in paid advertising, knowing little of the return – or potential returns – they could be getting on this campaign.

One of our resident paid advertising specialists, Elizabeth Chapman, covered the basics. She helped to clear up some of the common misconceptions about where your money is going – and why a big budget is not always the recipe for success.

What is the Future of Business in America?

Rick Borman

Rick Borman enjoys a cup of coffee.

We were honored to have Rick Borman as a guest speaker at our conference.  Pulling from his wealth of knowledge and inside information within the political realm, Rick sketched out several “possible” outcomes for the upcoming election, indicating some of the concerns that would affect the American businesses.

As a former roofing contractor and perennial entrepreneur, Rick Borman brought humor and great discussion to our conference.

As the day wrapped up, we all headed to the local Pehrsons Lodge for a great dinner, followed by a Fireside Chat.

Day 2

Creating a Better Company

The second morning of our conference began bright and early with Desiree Yourczek talking about some of the ways to harness the power of LinkedIn.

Then, Ken Kelly of Kelly Roofing in Naples, FL teamed up with Elizabeth Chapman to cover a basic business model that is designed to take an entrepreneurial company through the various stages of growth and development.

Then – an Adventure

Big Dump Truck

Posing in front of one of the huge dump trucks used in mining.

What is a visit to Northern Minnesota without a field trip to a working taconite mine?
Following in a grand tradition of adventure, our clients ventured out on Friday afternoon to receive a guided tour of Hibbing Taconite, one of the biggest mines in the world.

We had a great time following through the various stages of mining and processing iron ore – and experiencing phenomenons such as the Giant Dump Truck.

It was a blast.


Raise the Roof Group Photo

A huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this marketing conference a smashing success – the Art Unlimited team, our great roofing contractors, Shirley (chef extraordinaire!), Pehrsons Lodge, and Mr. Rick Borman, just to name a few. 

We hope you enjoyed this year’s conference – and look forward eagerly to discovering new ways to grow our businesses this year.