4 Things That Stop Your Consulting Brand Traction

Your brand is your first impression with customers. Knowing how to keep your brand relationship moving in the right direction can keep your leads flowing. The top areas we have seen stop people’s brand in the digital realm include:

  1. Not including your full name & contact information
  2. Not having a strong social presence
  3. Not offering educational information to build trust
  4. Not developing relationships within your own community

Let’s dig deeper into what this can mean further.

1. Not including your full name & contact info

With all the spam/robots in the world today, most consumers want to know that there is a real person on the other side of the business they are working with. Consulting Brand awareness is not only people knowing about your business, it’s all so about people feeling like they can get to know you as an individual.

Include your name, your contact info, and photos of yourself and your employees on your website. The more information you can give to your site’s visitors, the more customers will remember you and your brand and ultimately choose your services over the other options available to them.

2. Not having a strong social presence

Brand awareness has come a long way from putting up signs around town.
To be a competitive player in today’s market you must change the way you think about advertising. One of the best ways to be present in people’s busy, technology-driven lives is to explore your social media options.

You can help build your company’s Consulting brand recognition by posting blogs, sharing images, how-to videos, and ultimately gain Popularity and customer awareness of your Consulting brand through various social media platforms that don’t cost your business any money to use.

3. Not offering educational information to build trust

You want people to know more about your Consulting company and know that they can go to you for trusted industry experience and honest advice. Customers should know exactly who you are and what your brand means. But how do you make that happen? Quality, informational content gives people the ability to get to know your company with a no strings attached. People like to be informed.

If you create helpful information on your website with articles, testimonials, videos, and blogs, you can effectively give your customers and potential customers the insight they need to make a purchase decision. It also allows you to build your Consulting brand into a trusted source for information.

Bonus! By the time they are ready to contact you, they have found all the information they need to make a faster purchase decision. Education all in one place can help your sales conversion funnel shorten it’s lead time, giving you more time to do your business.

4. Not developing relationships within your own community

Many times we may think that the local market isn’t big enough to meet our business goals. We may believe that the local community already knows our brand and what our Consulting company has to offer. This, however, in the majority of cases, is not true.

Getting involved with your community can have a big impact on your Consulting brand awareness. Find core community activities that align with your business’s values, and get involved. You can utilize social media to post information about their upcoming events, pictures of your staff at the events, and information on your website describing how you choose to partner with these organizations.

A new perspective to get you started. If branding worked like online dating, no one would want to get to know you if you didn’t share anything about your personality and what you look like.

When it comes down to it, you want people to have a positive relationship with your brand. This will only happen if you personify your brand in ways that are relatable and identifiable to those seeking the information. For more insights on Consulting brand awareness, contact Art Unlimited today!

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