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How do we create incredible content that our audience is interested in?

That’s a question many business owners are asking themselves as it’s easy to think that your topics have already been covered a thousand times online.  Yet I ask our clients one thing when they respond in this fashion, “Have you written about that topic?”.  Your personal interpretation of the topic has value. People engage with you in person, on social media and through many other channels, right?  If so then they, and others, will enjoy learning through your point of view!!!

Create incredible content!

Let me point out that it doesn’t matter how incredible your content is if you don’t create the correct content for your target audience.  We really need to understand who our audience is and what they want and to stop creating content around a keyword.  When you look at your Google Analytic data you will see that keyword data is dying.  How then do we find out what our audience is looking for?  We use social media to see into our audience’s preferences; it allows us to find out what they like, where they go, and so much more.

Ok, so you are going to use social media to learn about your audience’s preferences.  The next question I pose is how do I generate fresh ideas?  I realize that after 6 to 10 blog posts you might be feeling exhausted from writing and will have used up your content ideas.  Don’t get frustrated.  It happens to all of us!

 Let’s look at a great way to break the cycle of content blues.

  1. Ask some friends or business partners to get together for a 30 minute brain storming session.
  2. Talk about what your audience is interested in and write it down.
  3. Ask each person to write out 3 blog ideas in a set amount of time.

Based on this simple process, you will be able to generate countless content topics and ideas that normally wouldn’t have been on your radar.  If you continue to get stuck, ask your clients about their specific challenges.  Trust me, you will get plenty of topics that you can blog about!

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