tools for fine work

Are you wondering if your service is special enough to attract customers? Are you wondering if your employees are treating customers with the extra care they need? Are you wondering how to avoid negative customer feedback and reviews? Here are a few pointers to help stop all that anxiety!

Great Tools for Your Business

1.) Empower your employees

Make sure you back your employees with the resources, training and authority needed to offer the best service possible. Any good craftsman is hampered without the best tools as they are limited to the tools in their box. This also applies to knowledge based businesses, without offering training on new industry trends you are limiting your employees. Are you offering the latest technology and software needed for employees to complete the client’s job quickly with quality? Check and re-check for technology advances that can save time and create client smiles. With training and the right tools, employees also need authority. Gift them with the guidelines for making the best decision for each customer.

2.) Set expectations

If a customer and employee know the expectations on both sides each party holds the other responsible. Having a set service and specializing in that service offers customers an expectation for the business. Lay out all the included steps, features and performance for the product and/or service. Eliminate the unknown for the customer, once they are knowledgeable about the service they receive many misunderstandings are avoided. On the employee’s side, if the employee knows exactly the tasks and expectations required of the job, they are able to perform exceptional service. Often the employee does not fully understand the expectation and scope of a project. Take extra time to set advance guidelines, helping eliminate unfounded beliefs.

3.) Test the process

Are you getting feedback from clients on your services or products? Even if you are only getting positive reviews or feedback, have a secret “customer” test your processes. Often outside viewpoints expose gaps or problems in the company. What the owners or employees think is great, may not connect with the current customer. There is always room for improvement and by gathering customer service data ahead of the actual customers’ feedback, you can avoid those nasty headaches.

Finally, cement why your business can exceed the competition. If you are unsure, do some research and ask why people chose your company. Often taking that extra minute and asking for feedback makes a world of difference. Creating special service for customers takes time, but if done right gives any company the boost they need!

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