Background concept illustration of business entrepreneurship entTake a Step Towards Entrepreneurship

How do you do something that’s different – create a business that will stick in today’s ever changing culture?  Here are some principles that I find extremely revealing as you ask yourself this question.  “Is my business going to survive?”

What it Means to Us

Let me take a moment to reflect on what entrepreneurship means to Art Unlimited.  My father started our company over 30 years ago; he held a dream, achieved his goals, and within his vision was able to navigate his own destiny.  We call this ownership of one’s life entrepreneurship.

Our company leaders hold a strong passion to foster entrepreneurship within our clients.  We are continually asking clients what their vision is for their business.  Although we are interested in their immediate needs, it’s the vision that thrills us.  Understanding the vision of a business owner is something to be cherished and nurtured.  I believe that as the entrepreneurship spirit is discovered, we as marketers can truly learn how to promote and expand the company’s horizon to reflect the inner passion of the owner.

The ability to thrive and discover uncharted territories within business is the very seed that continues to drive our company forward.  Cultivating that entrepreneurship spirit to us is the very existence of life as business owners.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

Question 1: What’s the Point?

That is going to be a hard question to answer.  In the end, the common point of entrepreneurship is to enable change.  I feel the business owners who find the greatest success and lasting results are focused on empowering others.  It’s not about getting rich fast, it’s about changing lives and bringing others around you to a higher level.  To me this is one of the strongest bonds within the successful companies that I have the privilege to work with.


Question 2: What makes you You?

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they became who they are today?  I think the answer is simple.  You need to reflect on what really makes you, you.  Why are you you, what do you do that makes you stronger, more talented.  Understanding the simple, subtle elements of who you are is the defining piece that will help make your business stand out from the crowd.


Question 3: What is your gift and talent?

Many times people will get very excited about an idea or topic but it’s not their unique skill set.  I think it’s critical to analyze what comes easily to you, this may seem extremely simple yet it’s a valuable point to consider.  Do you love to build, design, cook, fly? These are all elements that were built within your internal makeup.  Learn to take note of your inner skills and build upon it within your business.


Question 4: What makes you different?

Many people might have the same or similar ideas and have even taken them to market.  I like to refer to passion as the critical element that makes some win and others step aside from the business arena.

Each and every person is born with a pre designed fingerprint that is unlike anyone else’s.  Some are destined to be an entrepreneur, others are called to be intrapreneurs within a company / innovators of change! Every role you look at within culture holds value and embodies invaluable pieces of entrepreneurship.

As our company continues to analyze our entrepreneurship spirit, we are continually looking at how we can also empower those around us.  For the second year, we are sponsoring a child to attend a local entrepreneurship summer camp.  We believe that entrepreneurs are all around us regardless of age, race or religion.  Many of the brightest entrepreneurial minds are developed at a young age.  If you know someone in Northeastern MN who is between the age of 12-18 please have them apply for our scholarship.