Social Media is constantly evolving, and new on the beat is Facebook Live- a live streaming video broadcast directly in the Facebook Timeline. Viewers can comment, “like” and interact with the video- allowing it to be a truly engaging experience. Unlike other live streaming, such as Periscope and Meerkat, these videos can be saved for long term use after the broadcast. This allows you to continue engagement with fans and can create potential evergreen content.

Using Facebook Live can be an amazing tool for your business to interact with your customers and enhance your brand image, if you know how to do it correctly.

Here are a few tips to get you starting on going live.

Have a Purpose

The first thing you should be asking yourself is, “Why am I using Facebook Live?” Knowing the answer to this question can help you craft content that will be enjoyable to your viewers and get them engaged in live interaction. Remember, once you are live, there’s no going back; so make sure to have a plan before your camera is rolling.

More questions about your purpose could include, “Is this supposed to be funny? Educational? Both? How is this content relevant to my viewers? How is this content Interactive?”

Ideas for Roofers:

  • “Ask A Roofer”- Where viewers can ask questions & get expert opinions.
  • Give a tour of a current job- be sure to get the homeowner’s permission and that everyone is OSHA compliant!
  • Quick Webinar- Discuss key information that homeowners or Property Managers.

Ideas for the Tourism Industry:

  • Go live at events! Promote the local scene by showcasing events on your feed!
  • Explore hidden local spots like boutiques, coffee shops, parks or galleries.
  • “How To…”- Give a brief overview of a local pastime, like ice fishing, airboating, etc.

Ideas For Small Business:

  • Give a Tour of Your Business.
  • Hosting an event, sale or grand opening? Broadcast it!
  • Hold a Survey- get your viewers feedback on future products or services, likes and dislikes.
  • Give something away! Get your followers attention with a giveaway.

Once you decide on your purpose, make sure to write a description for the video that will make your viewers WANT to watch it. Get their attention and let them know what to expect!

Decide on Length

The type of content your video has will determine the length of the video. If you are a business using Facebook Live for marketing purposes, a great suggested length for your first video is 5 minutes. Once you are comfortable being live, Facebook recommends that videos be about 10 minutes long.

Use the first 2 minutes or so to gather your crowd. Talk about things you’ll be covering in the video, do fun stuff or have something fun happen, encourage people to tell their friends you’re live, engage with your audience, and hype up how great what you’re about to share really is. Finally, move into the main content you have planned.


Most of the people who are going to see your video are going to initially see it playing without sound. This is because Facebook allows videos to automatically play when scrolled past, with the sound settings on mute. This is why you must do everything you can to get an audience’s attention. Increasing the aesthetic appeal and creative captions of your video can gain more live viewers.


Facebook Live is allowing others to be a part of your life. This is why it is important to acknowledge your viewers, ask your audience their questions. When you answer a question, make sure to read it aloud before responding. Be warm, engaging and keep people a key part of the conversation.

Sign Off & Call to Action

If you plan on doing more Facebook Live posts, make sure that you let your viewers know when they will be able to see you next. You can also invite your viewers to click the follow button, which will alert them to the next time you are live. Thank your viewers for participating or viewing your video.

The last thing your live post should do is point viewers to their next action. If you just showed them how to make a craft, direct them to the link that has the list of supplies needed or to your site for more crafting ideas. Your call to action should be relevant and consistent with the purpose of your overall post.

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