Art Unlimited is starting to use more CSS3 and HTML5 programming as these are gaining popularity with mobile devices and newer editions of web browsers.  Because of the move we will no longer be supporting IE 7 or any of the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. There will be some support for IE8, but not for any CSS3 or HTML5 programming on Internet Explorer 8.

If, while using Internet Explorer 8 as your browser, you see a webpage that looks different or appears better defined in another type of browser please know that the reason is because IE8 does not support the CSS3 or HTML5 that was used in programming the webpage you are looking at.

Art Unlimited will no longer downgrade coding to support older browsers. In order to keep our focus on the current and cutting edge technologies of web design, we will need to continue to move forward. This means that from time to time we need to discontinue providing support for older technologies.

We are also recommending that it is time to move from Windows XP. As it is over 10 years old the XP structure map has become well know, posing security issues. Windows 7 has surpassed Windows XP and recently Windows 8 was released. If you are moving from an older Windows operating system and an older Internet Explorer browser we feel that the best match-ups would be either Windows 7 / IE9 or Windows 8 / IE10.

All of the websites Art Unlimited have done still run on the latest browsers, since these sites were written with XHTML or HTML4. We use the latest tools in web development and graphic design to stay ahead in our industry. At this time our newest websites are based in HTML5 and CSS3 unless they are CMS platforms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Art Unlimited.