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Here are a few integral reasons why Houzz® presents a unique opportunity for contractors who are ready to tap into a hub of active local homeowners.

A Large, Interactive Community

Houzz is a unique social media platform developed for the purpose of connecting active homeowners with local craftsmen and businesses.  In 2015, Houzz reports 35+ million active monthly users.  Over 1 million users are home remodeling professionals, ready to connect with homeowners.

Why Homeowners Flock to Houzz

Before any home renovation project is begun, there is an idea-planning stage. Compiling ideas might include anything from visiting a local home improvement store to purchasing magazines with ideas. Then, the homeowner is ready to connect with a professional who can help turn their ideas into reality.

With Houzz, it’s one easy stop.

Ideas and products can be easily gathered into one “Ideabook,” and easily shown to the professional contractor via the Houzz mobile app.

For a rough comparison, an ideabook on Houzz is similar to a board on Pinterest.

This board can be filled with as many or as few images as you want, with each photo linking to the original source.

Looking at the ideabooks of your client can help you better determine their style and design preferences.

Each ideabook has privacy settings that can be set to “public” (anyone can view it) or “private” (only specified users can view or collaborate on it).

Why Contractors Should Love Houzz

In 2014, more than half of the homeowners on Houzz renovated their homes in 2014 (source). Those renovations do not include repairs (47%), decorating (63%), or custom building (4%).

Contractors who are looking for a customer base that is already committed to home improvement projects find an ideal hub within Houzz.

How To Connect Professionally As A Business

There are two types of profiles on Houzz: one is designed for homeowners, the other is for professionals, designed to offer businesses a solid presence within the platform.

Creating a Professional Profile offers you an incredible amount of opportunity to showcase your company and your products/services, including:

Business Logo
Business Description
License Number
Link to Website
Links to Twitter, Google+, blog, etc.
Description of Services
Average Price of Services

Offer a Glimpse of Your Products Through a Portfolio

Within your profile, you have the option of creating a visual portfolio – a collection of relevant photos. These can be organized by clients, service, or product type.

A homeowner who is scanning your profile to determine whether you might be the right business to work with can be attracted – or pushed away – by the amount and quality of photos you offer in your portfolio.

Connect With Local Homeowners

When homeowners are searching for professionals (“Find Pros”) to help complete their home improvement projects, Houzz provides a unique search area option to weed out any non-relevant contractors.

This is where your profile needs to truly shine. Any missing information can eliminate your chances of winning over a homeowner’s business.

If You’re Going to Be On Houzz, Be Committed to Staying Active!

If you are a business on Houzz, you are on there for leads.

Increasing Engagement with Your Company

If your engagement seems to be struggling, there are a few ways to enhance your business’ presence on Houzz.

Update Your Profile – Make sure your logo, links, and business description contains the most relevant information

Add Photos to Your Porfolios – Display recent work, and make sure every photo contains a description.

Engage with Others in Discussions – In the “Advice” section, you are able to post ideas, discussion questions, or display a before & after photo with a description. Posting in the advice column can be a great way to improve your visibility and connect with potential clients and fellow businesses.

Check Your Inbox – Many professionals neglect their Houzz inbox, only to “rediscover” them after a few months….along with old leads that requested quotes and contact.  Remember: not every homeowner will be willing to journey to your website, and may prefer to connect within the Houzz platform.

Will Houzz Work for Your Business?

That depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in it.  For many contractors, Houzz presents a unique opportunity to use modern technology and a well-developed platform to connect with local clients.

If you’re currently using Houzz for your marketing – or are interested in learning more about the many platforms available for your business, contact our team at Art Unlimited.


Infographic – Houzz for Contractors: an opportunity to connect with seriously homeowners

infographic houzz for roofing contractors