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Blog Traffic Vs. Traction

If you have built a successful base of blog followers, (those who subscribe to your posts) you’ve probably seen some traffic to your blogs.  Traffic is great, but do you get “traction” as well?

What is Blog Traction?

Think of traction as the sticky backing we put under rugs. Metaphorically, the rug is your blog and the sticky stuff is the content that keeps the visitor from quickly moving on, or bouncing off, to be more technical. Grab your reader and make them stick around.

There are many ways to get your customer to your blog, but fewer ways to make them stay there. Getting them there is only half the fun. A catchy title or a hook baited with the right keywords should lure them in, but how do you make them read the content and follow the links you have provided?


What Makes a Great Blog?

The answer is simple. The answer is content. I’m sure at some point you have seen the adage “content is key;” and this is the truth.  However, just spewing out content is like filling a box with packing peanuts. When your reader opens that metaphorical box, they are anticipating something great, but it’s not much fun to find a box full of nothing. Your blog is the same.  You might have great packaging, but if you are not answering questions or providing relevant information, your blog is just fluff.


Do You Speak Blogger?

Tell them something they want to know. You have already done the research on your customers.  You know who they are and how to speak to them, so speak. If you are in the tourism industry, give them packing lists, best times to travel, and local hot spots. If you are in the home improvement business, give them information on trending colors, architectural styles, and even DIY info. If you are providing useful information, you are blogging well.


Hook Them, Help Them, Harness Them

Now that you have provided your reader with useful information, give them links to other useful information. Link to pages in your site that answer further questions or to other blogs of similar substance. Ultimately we want the reader to follow the entire journey from introduction to sale. A well-written blog with great content may lead to further interest in your product or service.