How to Use Social Media for Your Non-Profit Events

For many non-profits, your challenge is connecting the right volunteers, business owners, and those in need to your services. Throw event planning into that mix, and things can start to get complicated! When you need get the word out, you have to connect with many audiences on different platforms. This guide provides tested tactics that will keep your audience interested.

Make The Event Public

When you set up an event on Facebook, you must be sure to make the event public. This ensures that others will be able to share your event and invite others. After setting your basics, such as your time and place, make sure to invite your personal friends.

One thing to keep in mind when creating your Facebook event, consistency is key. If your event is open to everyone, make sure that friends are allowed to invite others. Have a predetermined hashtag that people can use whenever they make a comment or tweet regarding your event. Keep the images you post with the event consistent. If you have a specific theme, make sure you are reflecting that in your posts. Always make your event branded under your organization. This allows people to be able to associate your event with your non-profit cause.

Use Your Event Link

You can use your event link to post information leading up to the date. The biggest problem many Facebook users have when trying to find out information regarding an event is finding it again! This occurs for many reasons, but a good way to keep your event at the top of their mind is the use your event’s URL in new posts to keep people aware. The more event posts you have, the easier it will be for a user to be able to find information in their feed about the event when they search.

With each new post, you are also creating a new opportunity for viewers to interact with your event by asking you questions or commenting on how excited they are to attend.

Encourage Subscription

When you have an event, it is a lot easier for users to be notified of updates if they choose to subscribe to your organization’s facebook page. This allows for easy event detail navigation, and your event attendees to stay on top of any changes or updates you make to your event.

Add Your Event to Yelp

Many people underestimate the opportunity to place their event on Yelp. Connecting your event to multiple sources can create buzz with different generations of viewers. If you are a non-profit in a metropolitan area, Yelp is a vital tool for you.

Always Have More Information

Many times social media algorithms are great at suggesting public events to people who have similar interests to your event. A common problem is that there is no way for a user to connect with the event’s organization to learn more if they cannot attend the event. Always leave details on your event page about how a user can learn more about your organization and get in contact with you.

Take Photos and Hashtag During the Event

Remember that hashtag we told you to have for consistency? Now’s the time to utilize it further. Tell people to tweet or post with the hashtag from your event to ask questions or to share how much fun they are having. If you take pictures at a photo booth or anywhere else during your event, make sure to post them online. You can tell people they can find photos online by searching the hashtag. This will create a lot of social media buzz and will allow others not attending to learn about your organization.

Keep the Forward Motion

Tell all your event attendees when to expect your next upcoming event. If people at your event love how much fun they are having now, they’ll be interested to hear in advance when you are planning your next big event. Utilize those pictures you took in future posts for your new event. You can reminisce the past by tagging people to pull a quick following and link the post to the new event information.

Keep it Personal

After your event, always make sure to thank everyone involved in the planning and implementation. You can tweet at them, tag them in a post, or simply private message them, but always make sure everyone felt as if they were a part of a team and made a difference for a cause bigger than themselves.

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