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Respond Quickly To Responsive Design!

Just when I have barely mastered my iPhone 5, I am blindsided by the demand for an iPhone 6. I’m fairly certain I still have the box for my 5. I don’t need a new phone and by the time I am convinced I need the 6, there will be a 7, or maybe even an 8. We live in a world where technology changes faster than we can keep up. It is a fascinating world of instant results. If we want something, we simply “google” it.

A constant demand for change

As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the constant demand for change in marketing strategies. If you are savvy with your online marketing, you are familiar with the necessity to keep content fresh and create a continuous stream of blogs. What you may have overlooked recently, however, is the increased traffic to your website via mobile devices.

Mobile device = popular online search tool

More people are using mobile devices for online search than ever. It will not be long before mobile usage surpasses that of PC. The evolution in technology has made it vital that you adapt your marketing strategy with the changes and try as you can to keep up. Although it may seem overwhelming, it can be done.

Responsive web design

Some may sit back and scratch their head and say, “I just can’t keep up. I have enough to worry about with the changes in my business, let alone the changes in my marketing strategy”. And this is where we come in. It is your job to keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly. It is our job to get those customers to you and help you convert them into leads. One way we achieve this is via responsive web design.

Those customers who are searching with their phones or tablets or minis, need to find you. When they do, they need a smooth user experience that will encourage them to stay on your site for the answers they seek. Responsive design allows the viewer to experience the content of your website in a readable format, regardless of the device they using. Pretty cool, huh!

For those who are sitting on the fence as to whether or not to make the switch to responsive design, time is deciding for you. Before your website is the Pong of websites, make the leap. Your marketing drives your business, so keep your customers happy by keeping up with their technology.

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