Managing Your Social Media Marketing

New to the social media scene for your business? We all know it is important — but many times, the why, what and how are less clear.
We want to help you focus on the right priorities for your business. Two areas we recommend you focus on when beginning your social media management are reach and engagement.


You want the most people possible to see your page — it’s marketing! But, you can’t always attain everybody’s attention. The number of people that have seen your posts and updates is called the reach of the post. Expanding the reach of your audience with each post is the goal we hope to achieve each time we customize a post on any social media platform for your company. When more people see you on social media, the more people will be drawn back to your website, and hopefully into your office signing a deal with you.


Engagements are actions that a user takes to interact with your content on social media. This includes a Facebook post like, a retweet on Twitter, and re-pin on Pinterest, etc. Some engagements will be more valuable to your business than others. However, in most cases, any engagement will help to further the reach of your post — either to more people that follow you (like in the Facebook algorithm) or your post being shared with another audience altogether (like when a follower shares a post to their friends that do not follow your business yet).
Engagements are much more valuable than views. How do you create more engaging posts that your followers want to interact with? Here are a few tips:

  • Ask Questions – Most people love giving their opinion and this is the perfect way to let them. Ask them questions that could help your business — like their thoughts on a new product or innovation in your industry.
  • Connect With Your Audience – Your followers won’t interact with posts they don’t care about. Make sure you are posting photos and videos that connect with their values and lifestyle.
  • Run a Contest or Promotion – Everyone loves a chance to win big. We recommend creating a strategy of small promotions over a period of time vs. one large promotion to create sustainable engagement.

Surprisingly Less Important Social Media Metrics

  • Number of Fans – Now don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with wanting a large audience. But increasing the number just for vanity purposes will do more harm than good. You want to focus on the QUALITY of your followers not just the quantity. Focus on engaging people that are truly interested in your business and services.
  • Perfect Posting Time – There is no one set “perfect posting time” for all social media channels. It all depends on when your audience tends to be online. This can vary depending on day of the week and time of the year. Our advice is to try posting at different times and see what yields the best results.

Still not sure where to start with your social media strategy? Call Art Unlimited to help give you the right marketing techniques to get ahead of your competitors on the web.