"Internet Explorer 9 logo"Hello Everyone,
Due to the popular growing of HTML5 and CSS3 and for Art Unlimited to integrate with corresponding webpages, I have moved away from IE8 to IE9.  IE9 supports certain HTML 5 and CSS3 elements but not all.  Google Chrome and Firefox are the main browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3 and both are updated between one to three months.  For those that are running Windows XP, you may want to check about running Firefox or Chrome.  That way, you can enjoy the benefits of several web features that HTML and CSS3 and provide.  IE9 cannot run on XP machines.  Due to Windows 8 being in beta testing and IE10 just around the corner, we would like to move into HTML5 and CSS3.  We are also getting ready to develop more into mobile devices mainly with the iPhone, Android mobile devices, and the iPad.

I will add some coding for some of the older IE browsers to work with the HTML5 and CSS3 but I cannot say that it will be 100 percent.
All of the sites that we have designed as of now will work in older browsers.
Thank You
David Howell