MozCon 2017 What it Means for Your Business

MozCon, the emotionally exhausting whirlwind of ideas that hit you in the same time frame as a weekend and leave you as temporarily motionless as a body washed up on the shore. True to marketing form, when you finally regain all your senses, you gather all the exciting industry tidbits together and bring them back to your team with glee. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s MozCon 2017, or are just looking to bounce your ideas off someone, here are the highlights we thought should be noted.

Google is Demanding More Security

Just as we predicted earlier this year, Secure Socket Layers are becoming the norm in the industry (SSL). SSL will be increasingly important for websites as Google has now started to notify searchers when a website is not secure. All the big name players in the industry have either made the switch to SSL or are in the process of making this transition.

Even as a small to moderate sized business, this “bad rep” that Google will give you for not having SSL on your site can have a dramatic impact on your website traffic. Here’s a link to our previous post regarding this topic. Google is starting to rank SSL sites higher in search results than non-secure websites. One exciting thing to note in this area, there’s no downside to having SSL implemented. It makes your website more secure, it’s safer for your users on your site, and it helps with your SEO.

Voice Search Spoken Out Loud & Proud

All the Google algorithm search results are going to include the data from voice search. Conversational, longtail keywords are going to make all the difference in the world for your search ranking. If you can answer conversational questions from your target market, you are on your way to moving up the search results.

Without a Good User Experience (UX) Your PPC and SEO is Bunk

How people browse your website, navigate your pages, and read your content is a hidden treasure abounding with opportunity. If you aren’t diving into making this experience flow well for your users, you could be drawing the wrong conclusions from your SEO or PPC. Good SEO can bring hoards of people to your site, but if you’re not allowing them to navigate well through your pages, you’ve defeated your SEO efforts.

Some things you can explore to address this: Heat Mapping, Mouse Flows, UTM tracking on multiple page actions, A/B testing, downloads, average time on page, etc. Find where your customers are dropping off and fix it ASAP.

With your Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts, UX is merciless. If your call to action isn’t clear, your page has too many ways for the user to wander away, your page text didn’t match your PPC ad, or there is no clear indication of the benefit a user receives from acting, you will see a high click-through-rate, but no real leads to connect with. Your UX is a key building block to your website’s digital capability, without it, you’ll lose traction, interaction, and inevitably, your leads.

Video is the New Meat and Potatoes of Social Media

The eye catching content of today not only moves you, it has movement. Videos are the medium of communication with today’s consumers. Why? Basically because they are bored of reading plain text. Your videos should be entertaining, targeted, and unique to the platform.

Gone are the days of sending the same post, tweet, or update to all of your other social channels. Find out what platform your target market lives on, and hone your posts for this specific audience to crush your engagement. Make it beneficial for them to watch, and note how and when they will be watching it.

Two key tips to grab from Wistia’s Phil Nottingham: You have 3 seconds on Facebook with no sound to get their attention, and 30 seconds with sound on Youtube. Make your content accordingly and review your metrics to improve regularly!

Whew! There was a lot to pack in this year, and they drove us hard, but hopefully these points we sifted out will give you a head start on pushing your digital presence forward. Need help? Connect with Art Unlimited to discuss how we can help move your digital presence to the next level.

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