How Roofers Should Use Their Marketing To Hire

One of the number one issues of all U.S. small businesses is hiring. Within the skilled laborers and manufacturing market, these workers start to dwindle even further. According to Construction Executive, 12% of construction workers will be retiring from the industry in the next 5 years. The shortage is coming and quite honestly, the roofing industry as a whole is already starting to feel the struggle.

The job market within the roofing industry is in high demand, so how do you convince potential candidates that the roofing industry is a good fit for them? It all starts with how you are currently presenting yourself to your customers in your marketing. Believe it or not, your workforce will be looking at how you portray yourself across all channels.


Your Google business listing is part of your first impression. Having positive reviews from customers is actually an indicator of a full applicant pipeline. This is because people want to enjoy working for your business.

If they have to deal with crabby customers all the time with a management team that doesn’t seek to make mistakes right, they will not want to work for your roofing business. Glass Door found, “69% of job seekers would not take a job for a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.” In the same way, if roofers have nothing good to say about your manufacturing company’s customer service, don’t expect people with experience in the industry to be jumping in line to apply for your openings.

Your User Experience

When people visit your website, is it a pleasant interaction? Your website’s user experience is vital to helping your customers through the decision-making process as well as your potential employees. If you have slow load speed, a poor mobile experience, or navigational confusion, you lose everyone.

Recently, I visited a roofing website that took 10 seconds to load after I clicked on a button. This is concerning to me because Think With Google reports that, “according to the most recent data, 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

Millennials appreciate open lines of communication in a business and enjoy bringing creative solutions to the table. Millennial job applicants can also feel that if a business is not forward thinking about their web presence, they won’t be accepting of any idea contributions they could make to the business.

Your Website Content

Do you have an excellent benefits package for your roofers? Are you promoting from within? Why aren’t they on your website employment page? These are often times the topics you discuss in an interview to sell someone on the position, but your applicants search for jobs the same way consumers do (They are consumers!). They hit the search engines to find what’s available on the market. Today, the sales funnel has shifted. More consumers don’t need to talk to you as an expert on the subject, they’ll just ask the internet for what they need.

By the time most consumers are ready to make a decision to purchase, it’s because they have done all the research and know exactly what they want. Your pool of applicants will be much smaller if you don’t share why your roofing company is a great place to work.

From a marketing aspect, buyers today are looking for the cause that fuels your passion. Showing off the culture of your business, and the special things you do as a team on your website actually helps visitors to trust that you care about your employees and your customers.

Schema Implementation

The more accurate search engines strive to become, the more updates they request to your website. The schema is a special coding organization of your information that allows search engines to pull your data easily into search results.

Schema is very beneficial for your overall local presence when trying to rank in a specific location. But there’s a whole world to how much schema can do for your website.

Note: Local optimization is incredibly important even if you are targeting markets farther away than your local area for your ongoing business. Google can still use this to narrow down the options when someone from a long distance away types in your roofing business or manufacturing name and city. It is also important to our point because more often than not, you hire people who are from your area. If you can’t be found locally, your hiring reach is dramatically limited.

Since Google has entered the job market, it is now possible to program job listing specific schema. This allows Google to pull the entire job listing into the search results! Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like.

Google Job Posting

Google is able to display the entire job description right within their results. Searchers can easily narrow their search by industry, location, job title, etc. Job searchers can even receive search alerts when Google finds a new position within the search filters that they select.

The key however, to remaining at the top, is to be updating your job listing regularly. Google’s default is to show the newest job posting first. So, remember to update your job listing after it has been published regularly to help it rank farther towards the top.

Listings Options

There are there places you can post your job openings such as Indeed, Monster, and local listings. You should be sharing them as many places as possible. This actually can help your overall website ranking because you are pointing other websites with your url on them back to your website. This incidental link building can help your roofing business remain a relevant search option to those searching for roofing keywords within your area.

Tip: Keep updating your listings and adding in new title variations to them. It allows them to also show up higher on search results within the different job listing platforms if it is found to be newer content!

Social Responsibility

Not only are consumers starting to care what your core values as a business are, they vote for those values with their dollars. Newer generations as well, would rather work for a cause and enjoy their job than get paid large sums of money. “64% of millennials say they’d rather make 40k a year at a job they enjoy than 100k at one they don’t.” (Huffington Post)

The common issue I see within the roofing industry is that roofers are incredibly humble about the contributions they are already making! This is a great opportunity to share with your customers and potential hires that your business cares about your community. Highlight your giving within your website content and on your social media page. The type of giving you do speaks a lot about the culture of your business and what it would be like to work there.

Looking for help getting your marketing in tip top shape? We would love to talk! Your digital presence is vital to growing your business internally and financially. Connect with us today to discuss how we customize our services to your roofing industry needs.

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