simple strategies in youtube advertising

Recall the last YouTube video you watched.

Did you skip it as soon as you could? Or was it so interesting that you watched the whole thing, even after you were able to finally press skip?

As you market your business, you want your advertisements to be so interesting that viewers actually pay attention. YouTube advertising is not as difficult or intimidating as it sounds. Ask yourself a few questions to create a straightforward framework for a successful YouTube ad.

Why Should People Watch Your Ad?

You want your ad to start strong and finish strong.  To catch the attention of your audience, say what you need to say quickly and clearly.

  • Introduce yourself: Who are you? What is the information you are trying to convey? What is the product you are trying to sell?
  • Get right to the point: The viewer wants to know right away what they are looking at.
  • Keep it interesting: Have the viewer become concerned with what is happening in the ad so they continue watching.

Watch this video to learn how to keep a customer watching your video ad from start to finish by immediately achieving their attention:


What’s Special About You?

There are lots of ads out there. To help your ad stand out from the crowd, your audience needs to know why your business is worth their attention.

Show YouTube watchers what makes your company unique and different. Be original throughout your presentation. The watcher should be entertained, and therefore, they will be more likely to keep watching.

People like to see what sets your company apart from the rest, why they should consider you, and shows us the story of your company making the viewer become more attached to your business just by watching your advertisement. Display moments from jobs that best represent your business as a whole.

This video advertisement shows us individualism, and connects us emotionally to what is being told and shown to us: 

How Long Will People Pay Attention?

Not long.

Keep your ad short. Nobody wants to watch boring ads, and if it is too long, or it does not catch their attention immediately, they probably won’t watch it through to the end. The length of the ad should be kept from 30 seconds to one minute. If they see that the ad is short, they are more likely to stay around for the entire ad.

What Do You Want Them To Do?

They have watched your ad and gotten your message. Now what?

Provide a call to action at the end of your advertisement. For example, give a link to your website, your YouTube channel, or other videos concerning your business. This way, the viewers can easily become customers with only the click of a button.

While watching this video made by YouTube Advertisers themselves, notice how the title catches our attention, and also how there is a call to action at the end of the video, prompting us to continue viewing their “product”:

The four marketing necessities that every business owner should know can be condensed into the acronym AIDA.  

  • Attention – Every business is constantly working for your attention, achieve it by adding bright colors, sensible background music, and company video clips. Try to make a connection with people, this will have them thinking about you afterwards.
  • Interest – Keep your video ad interesting.
  • Desire – Why would the customer want to buy what you are selling? Why is this important to have in their life?
  • Action – If your ad is successful, the customer will take action and finalize the proposal made in your video.

Obtaining the interest of a viewer and turning them into a potential customer is essential for your YouTube ad to be rewarding. 

If your would like more information or help with your online marketing tactics, contact the Art Unlimited team.

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