How Quality Social Media Can Propel SEO

Social media is the new frontier for helping your resort find the right customers. But how does this happen? How do you move through social media to find out where your vacationers are? What resources will social media bring to your website that you wouldn’t otherwise have?

Social media (SM) can be a great platform to share your resort, but first, you need to find out which social media platform is best for you. What are you working on currently? Do you have:

  • A clear target market
  • A large variety of pictures
  • Strong blogs or articles
  • Defined demographics

All of these things need to be considered in choosing the right SM for you.


One of the many things that will help propel your SM is having quality content to share with your followers
People read content and if they like it they will share it. Here is some quick examples content that can be easy to write about:

  • What You Should Pack for Your Getaway at The Lake
  • The Best Spots to Bird Watch This Year
  • Top Ten Places to See Fall Colors

When people utilize sharing of your content, it creates more pathways, or channels, for Google to crawl with information that leads back to you. This can help your website to be more readily found in search results on the web.

Instead of clogging your newsfeed with links to reservation pages that users won’t click because they aren’t ready to convert, try occasionally linking to your website’s FAQ’s or helpful blog pages. Not only will this increase your brand’s trust factor by not pressuring a customer to convert, it is a smooth transition from social media traffic to website traffic.

Building Your Quality Links

Link building is a huge factor in the SEO, but the goal is not to get just any link. Gaining quality links means that you are getting reputable websites to put your website link on their website (thus creating a backlink).
Facebook and other SM platforms can be a great place to link build even if it’s just having a profile for your resort. Having your website linked to a prominent domain like Facebook or Twitter allows your business to build a sense of trust with search engines.

If search engines see that you are providing accurate and consistent information across all your platforms to help your users find you, it tells their search algorithms that your website has helpful information and should be ranked accordingly.

Building Brand Awareness

Using social media platforms correctly can cultivate miles of brand awareness because you have the ability to reach a lot of people that might not be aware of your presence on the web yet. Sharing photos with your logo, showing different events that happen at your lodge or ballroom to your SM and showing videos that highlight different activities you offer are all great ways to gently remind customers about all the engaging activities associated with your brand and your vacation spot.


Social Media can play a turn key part in effectively interacting with your target audience. You just need to know how to use the right balance of SM and SEO to target your audience and build your search ranking with Google.

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