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Are you trying to take a great house photo to get it ready for sale or repair purposes? Maybe it is looking dull and lifeless, when you want vibrant and full of life images of your house. Now is the new age of digital cameras, which are everywhere, but maybe you just don’t have the time to learn all the settings of your camera.

Well, there are a few tips you can follow to take a great house photo with just basic knowledge of a camera!


  • Take a Lot of Pictures.

    With the use of the digital camera, it is so much easier to take more pictures without spending a lot of money developing film. So, do not be afraid to take a lot of pictures as you will then have a better selection of pictures since some may turn out blurry, too bright, or too dark. This is why you want more because at least one image will turn out great.


  • Shoot Different Angles of the House.

    You should be moving around, and getting at least three or four angles of the house. The light could be hitting the house better at one angle, while another angle may be too dark. Try to get images from the left, center, and right side of the house, and remember to get a few pictures of each side.


  • There is No Need to Zoom in on Your House. With digital cameras you can zoom in to cut out the surrounding areas, but it can make the image not as crisp when you upload the file. Always remember an image can be cropped down, and will look much more clear. This also allows you to get everything in the photo.


  • Include Everything in the House Photo. If your house has a garage that is attached, or is very close to the home, do not cut it off. It does not look professional when you have a quarter of the garage next to the house as people will be curious as to what it is. So try to get everything in the photo; get as far back from the house as you can to make sure it is all in the photo. If you do not want the garage to be in the photo at all, than take the photo at an angle that cuts out the garage completely. Do not zoom in on the house to cut the garage or another building out.


  • Be Aware of Your Lighting. Lighting is essential when taking a photo. You do not want the sun to be in front of you because it will white out the image. Keep the sun behind you, so the camera won’t take in all the light from the sun. This is where the different angles help as well, since the lighting may be better on one side of the house compared to the other side.


  • Be Aware of the Location of Your Company Logo. If you are taking a photo of house repairs, or are a realtor selling a home, the placement of your sign is important. The logo shouldn’t overtake the house, it should be in a lower corner as you are trying to show off the house, or any repairs that were done. If your logo takes up the whole bottom half of your photo, the house will just disappear because the attention will be only on the logo. Having a small discreet logo will still get your name out, but also let the viewer truly admire the house for what it is representing.


  • Keep the Camera Stable. Having a steady camera will ensure your pictures are crystal clear and having a tripod or monopod will help greatly in keeping your camera steady. You can set the camera’s timer to take the picture without touching the shutter button as this erases any possible chance of bumping the camera and causing a blurry image. If you do not have a tripod or monopod, use something flat to rest the camera on to keep it stable. If there is nothing you can use, than just be aware of your stance. Keep your feet shoulder length apart and, if you tend to shake, brace your arm that is bearing the weight of the camera into your stomach, then use your right hand to press the shutter. Breathing can also help, if you’re shaking too much, to avoid those blurry pictures. Take a deep breath in, focus on your subject, and slowly breathe out as you take the photo.


  • Make Sure Nothing Else is in the Picture. You want a clean photo of the house. Try to avoid getting vehicles, people, and a messy yard in the photo. This will only distract the viewer from the house itself. See if the owner’s will do some cleanup, or move their vehicles for just a few photo’s. Also, the only time people should be in the photo is if you are showing a progress of a repair to the house. Try to avoid trees, as well. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if you can get the right angle where the trees do not overtake the house that would be a nice photo.



Practice these tips regularly and you will see the improvement on your next great house photo!