Search Engines use many different factors to help determine who deserves a place on the first few pages of search results. Link building is one of the many modes of online marketing that can increase your website’s visibility and search engine ranking.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a term – and designated number – that indicates the overall influence your website has in the eyes of search engines. The highest, most influential number to attain is 100 – a rather impossible feat. Each industry has its own ideal range to aim for, since 100 would be an unattainable goal for a local roofing company.

It is important to find out the domain authority of your site before you start working on a link building process. This is the number you want to see growth in! Most domain authorities do not grow quickly so don’t be disappointed or discouraged during the process.

Increased Local Visibility

Link building includes a search for any online directories that contain information about your company. Are there Yelp or Google listings that have not been claimed by your company but still exist online as a separate entity? Is the information current and accurate?

Note: It is important to stay consistent on all listings with your NAP (name, address, phone). As one of Google’s own products, your Google+ page is extremely important; all other listings should match its information.

In fact, search engines give value to local links because they want to see you are credible in your home area. Any local directories should be provided with your current company information and a link to your website.

Connect with Powerful Domains

No matter who you are, there’s always a bigger fish. You will want links from domains with large domain authorities because search engines think: (a) look at this powerful domain – they are so important, and (b) if they are linking to you, you must be important also.


In a practical sense, this means linking to manufacturers relevant to your site and industry. Most manufacture sites have higher domain authorities and search engines like to see you linking to sites that make sense to your industry.

Example: A roofing company should not link to a hair salon. This link will be seen as irrelevant. Rather, submit your proper information to your certified contractor listing on a major manufacturer’s website to receive a valuable, relevant link.

A more involved process may include submitting an article to an online journal, requesting that a link back to your website be included in the published digital version.

Specialized Link Building Campaigns

Link building, like any other SEO practice, requires quality rather than quantity to be successful.

Example: one of our roofing clients.

This screenshot shows the domain authority of one of our roofing clients and three of their competitors. It also shows the amount of links that have been built to the site.

BLOG - link building - September 2015 link building strategies for marketers

As you can see, although Competitor #3 has far more links, their domain authority is lower. So the correlation is not definable as a direct causal relationship.  However, it is a contributing factor to a healthy, comprehensive SERP campaign.

A Combined Effort

The domain authority of your website is a combined effort, of course, that looks into a variety of factors including on-page optimization, content, etc.

Usually, after implementing a schedule of SEO best practices, you will reach a point where there’s nothing more that seems to boost your ranking. That is the point when link building really begins to shine.

Link building is a long and difficult process but it will all pay off for your business in the end.


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