Website Browser Basics: What You Need to Know

There are a number of different browsers that your website can be seen through, but what visual benefits does each browser support? There are many people who could give you complex and tortuous explanations, but we know you don’t have time for that! We want to tell you how website browsers work in an easy way that you understand.

What is a Website Browser?

Simply, a web browser is a program that allows you to see the website! However, technically, a website browser retrieves, displays, and crosses the information on the World Wide Web. All of the information on the web is addressed by the URL/URI, also known as the Uniform Resource Identifier.

How Does the Display on a Browser Work?

It is fairly common to find websites that look different on a variety of devices. Currently there is not one universal rendering engine, or software that configures imaging and text for the display of the website. The top browsers work through separate rendering engines, so some images will be viewed differently depending on the search engine. However, most websites will show up nearly the same on all devices and versions of the browser. Browsers work with rendering engines to show you the page you are looking at through codes usually written in HTML format.

Browsers will display web pages differently depending on the size of the actual computer screen, and the unique settings of the customer’s own personal computer. Websites also may be seen differently if the version of the browser has not been updated in a long time. If an old version is not supported anymore, some features on the website may not be seen by users of an older version of the browser.

Most Common Browsers and Why

  • Chrome – Chances are your website is most likely being viewed from a Google chrome browser because it is the most commonly used website browser in the United States. 35% of internet users browse through Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge – Most internet users are very familiar with this search engine because it was once the most popular. Now, Microsoft is introducing us to it’s fast, new and improved search engine Microsoft Edge. Microsoft browser users make up 28% of the internet’s views.
  • Safari – Following Internet Explorer, Safari comes in 3rd for the most commonly used search engine of 2016. Safari is the modish internet portal used on most Apple products. However, Apple just recently dropped Safari from being compatible with Windows devices. Safari somehow still manages to capture 20% of the internet’s users through their popular Apple product only browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Firefox and Safari seem to fluctuate in and out of the 3rd place spot. Mozilla’s Firefox has been reliable on many devices since 2004. Today, it makes up 11% of the Internet’s users browsing habits.

How Does Art Unlimited Program a Website?

Art Unlimited brings their up-to-date philosophy of marketing techniques into play when configuring a website. We always try to support the latest software updates so that all of the different characteristics of your website can be seen by even the most modern customers. We program the websites so they are responsive, meaning they can be resized easily on any device but still keep relatively the same appearance when accessed.

With contemporary yet still conservative methods being used when we are working with your website, we know how to bring the most traffic to your page. Art Unlimited is extremely flexible and will work with you to achieve the perfect website for your company.