Online marketing is not a simple game to play. For better or for worse, however, the majority of people who are looking to make a purchase will research online first. (Depending on the survey source, the percentage is anywhere from 81 – 90%)

The question is this: when a prospective client clicks on your website, do they find what they were looking for? Answer these 4 questions honestly to find out!

Question 1: Can anyone find your website?

(This is the interactive part) Search online as if you were a potential client. What words do you type into the search engine? What pops up? Competitors? Random, unrelated sites?  If your website does not show up on page 1, beware75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. This means you are losing at least 75% of potential visitors to your website – and the percentage rate increases with each additional page. Take time to reassess your SEO strategy to prove to search engines that you are worth being seen.

Question 2: Is your site filled with quality content?

This is the most basic component to having a website worth visiting. If the content you offer to viewers is garbled, generic, or otherwise unhelpfully-worded, your bounce rate will go out the window. Spend time writing and publishing content that is of value to prove to visitors that you are worth the phone call. (For example, a roofing website can provide more information on the whys and hows of what keeps roofing contractors busy: Types of roofing? Maintenance tips? The sky is the limit!)

Question 3: Is your website logically constructed?

There are many websites that have no logical sense to them.  Drop down menus are poorly labelled, the search option does not work, and the visitor has to either save the URL for future reference, or draw their own map to be able to return to the page.  (I’ve had to resort to both options.)  Take time to sort out and re-label your menu, ensuring ease of access for viewers.

Question 4: Does your website look the part?

When my family first splurged on dial-up internet, all websites looked the same. They were manually programmed, and blocky. Now, with strides made in coding applications, no one is fooled when your website looks like a kid programmed it. Win the loyalty of visitors and re-visitors alike by designing a sleek, modern look for your website – sans external ads, if possible. (There is an additional bonus if you add a cute duckling image somewhere prominant on your website…because ducklings are adorable.)

The Main Point:

When it comes right down to it, there is no “trick” to having a strong online presence.  With knowledge, hard work, and a solid marketing strategy, your business website can be up and running with the best of them!

For more information on whether your marketing efforts are, in fact, paying off, check out our FREE Roofing Contractor Marketing Budget Spreadsheet. It’s a handy little download that will help give you an overview of where your work is paying off, and where you need a little stronger presence.