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Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful?

///Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful?

Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful?

Small business owners have one of the most challenging jobs available in modern America. To be one, you must be a self-starter, an entrepreneur.  You must have a vision and an ongoing strategy for achieving goals.  The question is: do you have what it takes to be successful?

Your Main Weakness:

small business owners find themselves wearing many hats

If you are a small business owner, you may find yourself wearing more hats than you’d prefer.

Property manager and maintenance man? That’s you.
Marketing strategist and salesperson? You again.
HR and full-time customer service?  Who else: you.

Wearing a lot of hats may be stylish, but it also sets you up for the challenge: you must do it all yourself.

Plan to Succeed

You must compete with the best of the best in the industry – or at least with your local competitors. In order to do this, make a plan to succeed.

Get on Page 1!

Here’s a little secret: if you are not on page 1 of Google Search results for your business, you are missing out big time.  How many times do you click to the second, third, or fourth page of Google when you’re looking for something?

To be successful online – you must first be visible.

Communicate Clearly – With Everyone

Are you planning on closing for an impromptu vacation or family emergency?  Find a way to get the word out – and I don’t just mean a sign on the door!  Utilize your social media, website, and local radio station to inform customers that you’re closed, why you’re closed, and when you will be reopening.

Case in point: When I was a kid, I used to love going to a local mini golf shop.  At one point, new owners took over – and could never get the hang of being open when the sign said they would be.  People got tired of finding locked doors whenever they stopped by – so the parking lot remained empty.

Clear communication also applies to employees: keep up to date on all phone calls and online leads that you are receiving – and how well your staff can make the sale.  After all, if your staff is unsure about company protocol or expectations, they are forced into inefficiency.

Be Local. Be Successful.

With the help of modern technology, local optimization now gives you an edge in an online search. 79% of consumers are utilizing search engines to look for products or services in their local area.

Translation: if your website is locally-optimized for search engines, your company gains the competitive edge when people are looking for services that you offer. You also have a greater chance of appearing on Page 1 of search results.

Find Local Support

It’s hard to be successful.  On your own – you may not be able to pull in the clientele that you would like to.  One solution is to Team up with other local businesses.

Example: When I checked in to a local hotel, they offered a list of perks to accent my stay.  15% off a meal at the restaurant across the street? Yes please.

Did I take advantage of this offer? No. I was too busy playing solitaire on my laptop.  Did I tell at least 5 people about how great that hotel was? Absolutely I did.

Learn to Analyze

Analysis is the key to business strength and growth. Investing in the help of a professional business coach (like Art Unlimited) – or the tools to do it yourself – can be one of the best decisions you make as a business owner.

Start your analysis with our Fast Track Marketing Assessment tool – because it’s fun, simple, and FREE.

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Anna Anderson
Anna is Art Unlimited's Co-Owner and Online Marketing Project Manager, bringing businesses powerful online solutions.