What the New Google Reviews Mean for Your Business

Positive reviews have always been crucial for the success of your online marketing. However, Google recently launched a brand new review program, changing the game. Google’s changes will affect how your business is seen online, hopefully for the better! Not only do you have Google reviews on your Google+ account, but now potential customers can also see reviews from other channels directly on your Google account. It’s critical for your marketing success to generate good reviews from all across the Internet.

What has changed?

In the past, we focused on getting you customers and good reviews. The new review style on your company’s Google account will steer the focus onto all of your reviews from all over the web. Google reviews as well as Facebook reviews and reviews from two other providers will show what customers really think about your company.

Reviews From Across the Web

How can my business get more reviews?

We’ve amplified our focus on marketing so that your business can get more reviews. There are many different strategies that can be used to get your customers to leave reviews online for your website. You can motivate your customers, in person, to leave reviews after they have confirmed with you that they are satisfied with your work. Because customers aren’t usually going to take the time to write an online review unless they are unhappy with your company, it is important to ask them if they would like to write a review. Usually, your customers will understand how beneficial a good review can be for your business, and if they are happy with your company, they will probably take the time to do it. Realize that encouraging a review, and pressuring someone to give a good review, are two very different things. Make sure you don’t make your customer uncomfortable.

What does this all mean?

Overall, the new Google reviews system will prove to be rewarding and profitable. If you are doing good work and are properly connecting with your customers, your reviews will reflect your actions. Having more reviews from more websites, seen immediately by Google searchers, allows more people to notice your brand and gives your business more credibility.

For more marketing tips, and information on how the new Google reviews will directly affect your business, contact our helpful team of master marketers at Art Unlimited.

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