The Best of Mozcon

Anna and I have been to conferences large and small, but MozCon quickly jumped to the top of our favorites list. The quality of speakers was phenomenal, the format was convenient and engaging, the information presented was invaluable, and the meals and snacks were aMAZing! (Seriously, best conference food ever.)

There were many great takeaways at MozCon for agencies, marketers and small businesses, but I have provided my top two here. Although this was a SEO conference, as a social media marketer, I have chosen great concepts that can be used to improve both your search engine optimization and social media.

1 – Construct Your Own Experiments

10552525_10153019338288989_7023766000068988528_nExperimenting with your online marketing was talked about by Kyle Rush of Optimizely, Stephanie Beadell of BuzzStream, and Rand Fishkin of Moz. The bottom line: just because something works for another company, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. In order to know exactly how the changes you are making affect your online marketing, you need to be able to track and measure them.

How to construct your own basic social media experiments: Select a metric that you want to track such as engagement with your post or traffic to your website. Select a variable: type of post, time of day, image, post length etc. Select a test period and/or the amount of people that need to see your post necessary to have significant results. Then track using the insights on your social media platform or your Google Analytics.

2 – Focus On Customer Experience

User experience (UX) was discussed at MozCon in presentations by Kerry Bodine and Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive. Just a head ups, user experience is something you really want to start paying attention to. In a recent Moz survey of 534 marketers asking what phrase will grow most in popularity this year, user experience was at the very top. Overall, user experience is about how your user is finding you online and what happens once they get there. Are they able to find all of the information they need easily such as your phone number, hours of operation, directions, reviews) Are they able to navigate easily through your website? Are they having a good experience on your website and online profiles?

In terms of social media, here are three tips to help improve customer experience:

  • Make sure you have all of your business information filled out on your social media profiles and pages. Find other profiles that may have been automatically generated (Google+ pages, Yelp listings, Foursquare, etc), claim them, and make sure you provide accurate, up to date information.
  • Monitor your social media channels for questions. Set up mobile or email notifications to be alerted immediately when someone asks a question or leaves a comment via social media. Respond as soon as you can and prepare resources in advance you can direct them to such as a FAQ page.
  • Be mindful of the channels you post to. Think about where your users are coming from and the type of content they would enjoy seeing. For example, if you have posted an image to Pinterest and a user clicks on it, make sure the link goes to content that a Pinterest user would enjoy such as image heavy content for a tutorial.