What You Need to Know About Pay-Per-Click and Google Ads

If you are trying to market your business in this advanced internet age, pay-per-click marketing will prove to be one of the best marketing techniques currently out there. Pay-per-click marketing benefits all who are involved. Searchers can easily find what they are looking for, advertisers find the perfect audience through the search query, and search engines can do their job better by knowing exactly what you are looking for with specified searches and advertisements.

What is PPC/Google Ads?

Pay Per Click, or Google Ads, are advertisements you pay into each time someone clicks on your advertisement which brings them to your website.

What are Pay-Per-Click Marketing Benefits?

PPC can allow many new advantages to arise out of your business. More traffic will start flowing to your website, giving you more exposure, and therefore, also new customers. Even if you don’t make much money off of PPC, new experiences are never bad. You stuck your foot in the door of the expansive world of marketing and learned something and that is great!

When am I charged?

You only pay when someone clicks so you only pay for the advertisement when it is doing its job. If no one visits your website from the ad you won’t get charged, even if the ad is present.

Why spend the money?

You can set your own budget so you won’t spend what you don’t have. Imagine all the new traffic that will be flowing towards your website. New customers come with website traffic.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for the Cost-Per-Click, which is usually the maximum amount you will pay for a click; however, sometimes you will be paying a lot less. It all depends on how much you bid for each click. You can choose between manual bidding and automatic bidding which is done by Google.

What is CTR?

The CTR is also known as the clickthrough rate. It is measured by how many clicks the ad received and divided by impressions (how many people have seen your ad without clicking on it). Your CTR can show you how well your ad is working and how much you should spend on each click.

What is a conversion?

Conversion is how far the customer went into your website after they clicked on the advertisement. With the free conversion tracking tool, you can now see how far the customer went into your website, allowing you to pick and choose the keywords which worked well.

What is a keyword?

A keyword connects an ad with what the customer searched, therefore, attaching them to exactly what they were looking for. With keywords present, a customer can find what they are looking for easily through their search query.

What is a negative keyword?

When you type in a negative keyword in Google Ads, Google knows to not show your ad where that word is present. This helps you guide your ads only to people who are looking for what you are selling.

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